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88 MDG Now Offers Sick Call       Link to Pathways Program video       Link to Ohio Governor Signs Senate Bill 7      
Sick Call for Active Duty     Pathways Program     Ohio Governor Signs Bill      


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Eagle Eyes contact information - call 257-3937      Skywrighter graphic - link to Skywrighter web site Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - link to web site   Family Advocacy Program link to website
     Wright-Patterson Medical Center - link to web site  base housing information - link to web site


Weather Info

This message is current as of 0400L, 19 FEB 2020.  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is open and normal duty reporting procedures are in effect. For up-to-date information on weather, call 656-7669 (snow).

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To be removed from WPAFB emergency notifications (AtHoc), e-mail your name,
e-mail address and phone number to
To review your profile and update your emergency contact information refer to the Self Service Slides.



  Image of ID card - link to current ID card system status