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Connect and build relationships through like-minded hobbies or skills.


To connect total force Airmen that share common interests, want to learn new hobbies or skills, while simultaneously forming and strengthening relationships with others. 

The community club program is available to all Airmen, civilians, and spouses. The program offers a variety of opportunities to make new connections and participate in things you enjoy or are looking to learn!


To start a club, send a brief description of your club idea to Also, provide your work email and/or work phone so that people can reach out to you. Personal numbers and emails are not authorized.


Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is not responsible should any participant contract an illness, injury, loss, damage to property or other consequence.

Club Ideas - Looking for club leaders!

  • Book Club

    Looking for a club leader!

  • Bird watching

    Looking for a club leader!

  • Cooking & Baking

    Looking for a club leader!

  • Board Games

    Chess, checkers, Catan, Risk, Backgammon, etc.)

    Looking for club leaders!

  • Sports teams/clubs

    Rugby, basketball, softball, etc. 

    Looking for club leaders!

  • Comic Book
  • Cycling
  • Geocaching
  • Hiking
  • Online & Video Games

    Call of Duty, Fortnite, Halo, Minecraft, etc.

  • Photography
  • Running/Fitness

    Cross country running, weightlifting, etc.

  • Sign Language

Active Clubs!

  • Endurance Sports Teams

    Meets on Saturdays to swim, bike, and/or run together and periodically do other activities as a team.

    We are non-competitive as a team and don't have any formal events. We are where like minded folks can come for support, tips, friendship, and a community to workout with. Most of us are triathletes but we are open to all people interested in any endurance sport at any skill level.

    POC: Justin Becker | E: | P: 937-257-7478

    FB Group: Wright-Patterson Endurance Sports Team

    Strava: Wright-Patterson Endurance Sports Team

  • Chess Club

    Weekly meetings are held Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wright-Patterson Club lower level. Bring your own chess sets and playing clocks!

    POC: Veronika Zilajeva | E: | P: 937-656-2559

  • Guitar Club

    - Learn advanced guitar techniques such as: Arpeggios/Sweep Picking, Fast Alternate-Picking, Economy Picking, song-writing/composition/structure, or learning songs/solos by ear.
    - ​Jam out to heavy songs or collaborate on projects
    - Exposure to extended range guitars (7 string and 8 string guitars)
    - To possibly put together an annual Battle of the Bands project
    POC: Cullen Farrar, MSgt, USSF | E: | P: 937-656-3134 

  • Run Club

    Meets on Mondays at 4 p.m. at the parking lot near Skeel Ave. across from the Wright-Patt Club on Area A. We run up and down the path. All are welcome to join. Be sure to bring water. We do not meet on Family Days nor Holidays.

    POC: William Neitzke | E: | P: 937-904-3378