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The US Air Force has made the determination to cancel support to all public events and engagements now through May 15.  This  includes, but is not limited to, on-base and civilian-sponsored airshows, band performances and community engagements and meetings which involve large gatherings (speaking engagements, community meetings on installations, base tours, visits, etc.). Leadership will reevaluate any community engagement requests after that time and make a decision as to whether those requests can be resumed.

Contact Form


If you have questions or concerns that you would like to bring to the Wing Commander's attention, there are two ways you may reach him:

- You can fill out the Commander's Direct Line form, and email the form to the email address on the form.

- You can fill out the form to the left, choosing the Direct Line recipient.  Please ensure your email from the online form includes your organization (if applicable) and a good contact phone number.


  Blue Phone graphic as link to useful contacts   USEFUL CONTACTS To contact the WPAFB Base Operator, dial
  Red phone graphic link to base phone book   BASE PHONE BOOK
  For a list of common phone numbers, click the "Useful Contacts" link above.  To download the entire WPAFB phone book as a file, click the "Base Phone Book" Link. 

Public Affairs cannot give individual phone numbers, nor do they have the ability to transfer phone calls.