88 ABW – Pass & Registration Office

Pass & Registration Office, 88th Security Forces Squadron
P: 937-257-6264
E: 88SFS.S5P.Pass-Registration@us.af.mil
4185 Logistics Avenue, Bldg. 286, Area A, WPAFB
Hours: 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., M-F
*Thursday closed at 2 p.m.; Closed weekends and holidays

Pass and Registration issues Visitor Passes for one-time, short-term or temporary installation access and ID cards and passes for authorized contractor personnel. All visitors must have an authorized/approved sponsor and must provide a picture ID such as a current/valid driver’s license, state issued identification card or United States Passport. Identification must be valid and unexpired.

From the South: Take Interstate 675 North to exit 17, turn right just prior to entering Gate 15A.

From the North: Take Interstate 675 South to exit 17, turn right onto North Fairfield, then right onto Colonel Glenn, then make a right for the entrance ramp for Route 844, make another right just prior to entering Gate 15A.

Base Visitor Request System (BVRS)
Only WPAFB personnel with a government email and Common Access Card can use BVRS.

For those accessing the BVRS website from a tenant organization may need to create a DAF365 guest account. Please note, without a guest account, users will be unable to reach the BVRS website. Instructions for creating the DAF365 account: Creating Guest Account---Access Outside AFMC Network

Veteran Access
The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows veterans (Purple Heart/Medal of Honor recipients, former prisoners of war, or those with a service-connected disability (SCD) and their caregivers) use of the commissary, military exchange and certain Morale Welfare and Recreation facilities.

- Veterans who have been issued a Veteran's Health Identification Card (VHIC): The VHIC can be read by Defense Biometrics Identification System (DBIDS) and establishes identity and purpose. Once the cardholder has established fitness/vetting, the VHIC card will be the credential registered in DBIDS at Pass & Registration Office, and used at the installation Entry Control Point. Registration must be accomplished every three years, or upon issuance of a new VHIC.

- VA Letters, issued to VA Caregivers and establishes purpose: Individuals issued a VA letter will need to provide their VA letter, approved identity proofing documents and a background check. Once complete, the Real ID will be registered in DBIDS and used as the credential at the installation Entry Control Point.  A DBIDS credential will be issued when a Real ID is not available.

- Accompanying Individuals: Up to 5 individuals accompanying the card/letter holders will have the purpose of the card/letter holder conveyed to them (ex: spouse, adult children).  Persons accompanying are required to establish identity and fitness (background check) at the Pass and Registration Office.  Once identity has been established and a background check completed, accompanying individuals will be granted a 24 hour pass.  This process must be accomplished for every visit.  Accompanying individuals must remain with the VHIC holder or VA caregiver while on the installation.

Caregivers of retired military or military dependents who need routine base access:
Consider requesting a Special Circumstances Pass. Requestors must go to the 88th Security Forces Squadron Pass & Registration to begin the process. If the caregiver will need to use the Commissary or the Base Exchange, a "Shop For" letter may be requested by submitting a letter from the patient's physician to the 88th Force Support Squadron. Additional information on this process is available by calling (937) 257-7544.  

Identity verification and background checks
Identity verification and background checks are done at the Pass and Registration Office. On weekends, holidays and Wing down days, these checks can be done at either Gate 12A (AFMC HQ) or Gate 19B (National Rd.).

- Installation access will not be granted to any individual not passing the background check.

- Credentials must be registered at each base individuals are requesting access to.

- The Trusted Traveler policy does not apply in this situation.  All vehicle occupants must have their credentials checked through DBIDS by an Installation Entry Controller, prior to entering the installation

- MWR facility access is limited to Category C retail/revenue generating activities on WPAFB, such as the club, recreational lodging, special interest activities, bowling, golf, restaurants, equipment rental, movie theaters, vehicle storage and more.

- MWR programs and facilities supported primarily with appropriated funds are not authorized for access.  These include gyms and fitness centers, libraries, child care centers, etc.

- Due to the number of individuals already accessing base on a daily basis, you may experience longer wait times to get onto the installation between 6 a.m. - 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.