Environmental Compliance: Our Commitment

88th Air Base Wing logoThe 88th Air Base Wing Environmental Branch, aligned under the Civil Engineer Group, manages installation environmental compliance programs for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The environmental team establishes systems and procedures to comply with applicable laws and regulations, minimize environmental risks, and ensure a commitment to environmental stewardship while executing base missions.


Public Notice For Action in the Floodplain
Construct Closed Loop Waterline Area A
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

This public notice is to meet the requirements of Executive Order 11988 for early determination of actions potentially effecting floodplains so that the public can have impact on the decision outcome.  The public review period is for 30 days.

Wright-Patterson AFB is proposing a project to improve water distribution and provide reliable drinking water across the installation.  A new waterline is needed to create a closed loop distribution system in Area A to address poor water pressure, improve water reserves and minimize the risk of isolated area water outages that could significantly jeopardize meeting mission requirements.

The proposed action involves the installation of 7,500 LF of new waterline and the upgrade and replacement of 16,000 LF of the existing waterline to create a closed loop water distribution system within Area A, Wright-Patterson AFB.  A large portion of Area A (see Attachment 1) is located within the 100-year floodplain.  The method used to determine the 100-year floodplain is a Geographical Information System (GIS) utilizing the elevation layer (813.4') in coordination with United States Geological Survey (USGS) and Miami Conservancy District (MCD).  The proposed action needs to occur within the floodplain because there are no locations outside of the floodplain on Wright-Patterson AFB that can be used.

There is no practical alternative to the proposed action that will adequately address the need to improve water distribution and reliability within Area A, Wright-Patterson AFB.  The No Action Alternative will result in continued insufficient pressure within the water distribution system jeopardizing the water reserves and creating lack of safe water to meet mission requirements.  Initial environmental analysis suggests that the proposed activity as previously defined does not adversely impact the floodplain.  The MCD was consulted and in accordance with the MCD Land Use Policy, underground utilities do not require a Huffman Retarding Basin (HRB) Permit.  Any fill material required for the project will be sourced from within the HRB and any excess material will be removed from the HRB resulting in a net zero or less of fill.  An MCD Storage Compensation Agreement will be executed to document the removal and relocation of fill material.  As a result, no additional fill material will be added to the HRB and the capacity of the HRB will not be adversely impacted.  Furthermore, as much as practical, the ground will be returned to its original contour prior to excavation activities.  Any comments from the general public, or other partner organizations will be incorporated into the final analysis and the determination if additional environmental assessment is needed.

January 10, 2024, through February 9, 2024
The USAF will accept written comments on the proposed action located in the 100-yr floodplain on WPAFB during the 30-day public comment period. Comment letters must be postmarked by February 8, 2024, and should be submitted to:

88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
5135 Pearson Road, Building 10, Room 253A
WPAFB, OH 45433
Phone: 937-522-3252;
E-mail: 88abw.pa@us.af.mil

For documents on environmental compliance and restoration efforts at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, please visit the Wright State University Library, 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, OH 45435. Wright State University Library phone number is (937) 775-2525.