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  • AFRL - Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology (ACAT)

    The Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology Fighter Risk Reduction Programs were established to develop an automatic solution to protect fighter pilots from Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT) mishaps and mid-air collisions. The Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS) is an on-board system that prevents an aircraft from impacting
  • AFRL - Career Field Options for AFRL Bench Scientists

    - Expanded Developmental Opportunities Program (AFRLM36-104, Chapter 11)   -- Provides opportunities for personnel to acquire knowledge and expertise that cannot be acquired in the standard working environment   -- Activities enhance the employee's contribution upon his or her return to the organization    -- Authority meets the definition of
  • AFRL - Small Business Office

    The mission of the Air Force Research Laboratory's Small Business Office (AFRL/SB) is to increase the use of small businesses as a valued source of skills for innovative, cost-effective, customer-focused solutions to warfighter requirements and Air Force missions, both now and in the future.  AFRL/SB encompasses the Air Force Small Business
  • AFRL - Wright Research Site Contracting

    This is your web connection for information on current business opportunities with the Air Force Research Laboratory's technical directorates located at the Wright Research Site (WRS), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The technical directorates supported by the Wright Research Site, R&D Contracting office are 1) Aerospace Systems (AFRL/RQKP),
  • AFRL D'Azzo Research Library - CINDAS databases and handbooks

    CINDAS LLC (Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis) Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database (AHAD)Damage Tolerant Design Handbook (DTDH)Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database (MPMD)Structural Alloys Handbook (SAH)Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database (TPMD)
  • AFRL D'Azzo Research Library - eBooks (electronic books)

    American Chemical Society (ACS)Connect to these eBooksAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)AIAA eBooks (from Aerospace Research Central (ARC))Note: Note: The library has access to selected eBook titles in the AIAA Education Series, Library of Flight, and Progress in Astronautics and Aeronautics collections.Artech HouseConnect to
  • AFRL D'Azzo Research Library - IHS access

    IHS (standards, etc.)The procedure for accessing the IHS standards database has changed and we are no longer able to post a direct link on our website. Please contact the library via email or phone (937-255-5511 x.4238) for updated instructions to access the IHS database. 
  • AFRL/RI Information Institute ®

         General Research Topics 2019 Application - Faculty Application - Student 2019 Research Program Guide Introduction Information Institute Overview
  • AFRL/RI International Program Office

    The International Program Office provides guidance and assistance to the Information Directorate's divisions on all International Cooperative Research, Development, and Acquisition programs throughout the Air Force. The office is responsible for the development and implementation of the directorate's International Strategy, the support efforts to
  • AFRL/RI Organizations

    AFRL/RIB Division Office Leads strategic planning for the Directorate.  Responsible for development and oversight of the Directorate's strategic vision.  Cultivates integration, transfer and transition of S&T through corporate messaging and partnerships.AFRL/RIE Division, Branch and Section Offices To lead the discovery, development, and