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  • AFICC - Commodity Councils

    Civil Engineering   Medical Services      Information Technology    Furnishings                     Office Supplies    AF Force Protection   Knowledge Based Services       AFICC CIVIL ENGINEERING COMMODITY COUNCIL The Air Force Installation Contracting Center's (AFICC) Civil Engineering
  • AFICC - Contracting Business Opportunities

    · All AFICC opportunities (Requests for Information, contract solicitations, etc.) are posted electronically on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website. You may search for opportunities at the following link: AFICC on FBO. · This list is provided to assist you with your search; however, it is your responsibility to conduct
  • AFICC - Enterprise Sourcing Squadrons

    771 ESS   772 ESS    773 ESS  771ST ENTERPRISE SOURCING SQUADRON (771 ESS) The 771st Enterprise Sourcing Squadron develops and executes enterprise-wide strategic sourcing solutions though application of the AF Strategic Sourcing Model by cross-functional teams, comprised of program management, contracting,
  • AFICC - Specialized CONS/F

    338 SCONS    763 SCONS   764 SCONS   765 SCONF   766 SCONS   AFICC/KGQ      338TH SPECIALIZED CONTRACTING SQUADRONThe 338th Specialized Contracting Squadron provides world-class specialized contracting support to HQ Air Education and Training Command (AETC) and their associated partners/tenants for large dollar and
  • AFICC - Updates

     Mandatory Use of USAF M9 and M4 Training/Qualification Targets Contract (FA8054-17-D-0001)Effective immediately, if purchasing MP training/evaluation targets and/or M4 rifle/carbine targets for the purpose of the Air Force Qualification Course (AFQC), it is mandatory to purchase and use the targets on contract FA8054-17-D-0001. The contract was
  • Air Force Materiel Command

    Headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, Air Force Materiel Command is a major command created July 1, 1992. The command conducts research, development, test and evaluation, and provides acquisition management services and logistics support necessary to keep Air Force weapon systems ready for war.MissionPowering the world's greatest
  • Aug. 26 COVID-19 Vaccine Information Town Hall Q&As

    Questions and Answers from the Aug. 26, 2021 Wright-Patterson Medical Center COVID-19 Vaccine Information Town Hall.The Aug. 26, 2021 Town Hall is available to view on the 88th ABW Facebook and on the WPAFB Videos website.Medical RelatedQ. How do we know there won't be long-term effects of the vaccines?A. According to the CDC, millions of people
  • August 18 COVID-19 Town Hall Questions and Answers

    HPCON Bravo Plus RelatedQ. What are the indicators that contribute to Health Protection Conduction status determination?A. The four indicators that contribute to HPCON status determination are:1) COVID-19 case incidence;2) Trending of cases, up or down;3) Trending percent positivity, up or down; and4) Availability of hospital resources Q. What is