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  • T2 - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Technology Transfer (T2)?The process by which existing knowledge, facilities or capabilities developed under federal research and development (R&D) funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. T2 includes Spin Off, Spin On and Dual-use.     · Spin-off: To promote and make available existing Department of Defense (DoD) -owned
  • T2 - In the News and Success Stories

    MORE T-2 IN THE NEWS: Air Force partners with Purdue Research Foundation  Gatorade to market biosensor developed at Wright-Patt lab Sparking Innovation by Bringing Together the Military, Entrepreneurs and Investors  
  • T2 - Patent Summaries

      The Air Force uses patent licensing agreements to allow businesses and individuals to manufacture, sell or incorporate Air Force technology into their own products. For companies without a large research and development budget access to these technologies can be greatly beneficial. The technology
  • T2 - White Paper Checklist

    WHITE PAPER CHECKLIST - AF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAM OFFICE 1) Name of the principal investigator/point of contact: a. Name and title (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)b. E-mail addressc. Phone number (with area code)d. Company namee. Addressf. Number of employeesg. General research areas (list briefly)2) Title of the project you want help developing.3)