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  • AFICA - Commodity Councils

    Civil Engineering   Medical Services      Information Technology    Furnishings                     Office Supplies 
  • AFICA - Contracting Business Opportunities

    · All AFICA opportunities (Requests for Information, contract solicitations, etc.) are posted electronically on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website. You may search for opportunities at the following link: AFICA on FBO. · This list is provided to assist you with your search; however, it is
  • AFICA - Enterprise Sourcing Squadrons

    771 ESS   772 ESS    773 ESS 771ST ENTERPRISE SOURCING SQUADRON (771 ESS) The 771st Enterprise Sourcing Squadron develops and executes
  • AFICA - Specialized CONS/F

    338 SCONS    763 SCONS   764 SCONS   765 SCONF   766 SCONS   AFICA/KGQ     338TH SPECIALIZED CONTRACTING SQUADRON The 338th Specialized Contracting Squadron provides world-class
  • AFICA - Updates

    Mandatory Use of USAF M9 and M4 Training/Qualification Targets Contract (FA8054-17-D-0001)Effective immediately, if purchasing MP training/evaluation targets and/or M4 rifle/carbine targets for the purpose of the Air Force Qualification Course (AFQC), it is mandatory to purchase and use the targets on contract FA8054-17-D-0001. The contract was
  • AFLCMC - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

    The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is one of six centers reporting to the Air Force Materiel Command.  Led by a 3-star general officer, AFLCMC is charged with life cycle management of Air Force weapon systems from their inception to retirement.The AFLCMC mission:  "Acquire and Support War-Winning Capabilities"The AFLCMC motto:
  • AFLCMC - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Staff and Functional Offices

    Staff and functional offices within AFLCMC report to the commander or vice commander.  Unlike execution directorates which perform operational and direct mission functions, staff and functional offices provide support of the commander's organize, train and equip function.  Some of the AFLCMC functional directors are dual-hatted and also lead
  • AFLCMC - Safe to Fly Matrix

    This page has moved to a new location.To see the most current information, click here. #ATL_NOTICE {float: center;border: solid 2px #999;text-align: center;padding:30px;background-color: #bbb;}#ATL_PAGE {width: 1080px;}DIV#ATL_STF{clear:both;}#ATL_HEAD{background-color: #304e80;width: 100%;}#ATL_HEAD IMG{position: relative;top: 10px;left:
  • AFMETCAL - Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory

    The AFPSL is the highest echelon metrology and calibration laboratory in the Air Force. It provides a critical link between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Air Force Base Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories (PMELs) and houses a measurement capability in practically every measurement discipline with a precision
  • AFMETCAL - History

    Metrology is the science of measurement. Metrology is required to ensure that Air Force systems are accurate and can reliably perform their designated missions. Every system in the Air Force inventory requires some type of accurate and reliable measurement to be made in development or operation. For example, when landing a plane, the pilot counts