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  • AFOSR - Information and Networks

    Untitled Document INFORMATION AND NETWORKS (RTA2) The Information and Networks Team within the Engineering and Information Science Branch is organized to support many U.S. Air Force priority areas including autonomy, space situational awareness, and cyber security.
  • AFOSR - Physical Sciences

    AFOSR RTB1 PHYSICAL SCIENCES (RTB1) The Physical Sciences Team leads the discovery and transition of foundational physical science to enable air, space, and cyber power. Research in physics generates the fundamental knowledge needed to advance U.S. Air Force operations, from the perspective of
  • AFOSR - Research Areas

     Research AreasAFOSR plans, coordinates, and executes the Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) basic research program in response to technical guidance from AFRL and requirements of the Air Force; fosters, supports, and conducts research within Air Force, university, and industry laboratories; and ensures transition of research results to support
  • AFOSR - Social Media

    Social Media Welcome to the AFOSR social media directory! The directory is a one-stop-shop of official AFOSR social media pages across various social media sites. Social media is all about collaboration and we want to hear from you. Check out our pages, ask questions, provide feedback and share your thoughts. FacebookThe official AFOSR Facebook
  • AFOSR - Visiting Us

    Visiting AFOSR AFOSR is located in a secure government building. All visitors must present a valid photo ID to security for entry. Visitors should have an on-site AFOSR contact available for escort in the building. On-site building parking is available to visitors with a valid Department of Defense building permit; general parking is available
  • AFOSR - Worldwide Offices

      International Office           International Office North           Asian Office European Office   Southern

    B-52 Stratofortress ALQ-155 Receiver-Transmitter (R/T) Containers
  • AFPTEF - C-17 Globemaster III - Other Containers

    C-17 Globemaster III Radome Container
  • AFPTEF - C-17 Globemaster III Landing Gear Containers

    C-17 Globemaster III Main Landing Gear Post Container