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  • WPMC - Family Advocacy

    The mission of the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is to build healthy Air Force communities by developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and programs to prevent, intervene in, and treat child and spouse maltreatment. Telephone: (937) 257-6429/4608. Fax: (937) 656-1402 Location: Wright-Patterson Medical Center Basement Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30
  • WPMC - OB-GYN Services

    The Wright-Patterson Medical Center OB-GYN staff is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of women throughout their life span. The clinic is staffed with OB-GYN physicians, healthcare nurse practitioners, residents, registered nurses, medical technicians, and administrative personnel. We work closely with your Primary Care Manager (PCM) to
  • WPMC - Optometry Clinic

    Optometry Clinic Location: Main Hospital, Bldg 830,  2nd Floor (above the MRI Clinic)Telephone: (937) 257-9309; Fax 257-9314 Appointments: 1-877-522-3600 or via www.TRICAREONLINE.COM. Optometry Satellite Clinic Location: Occupational Medicine Clinic, Area B, Bldg 675, 1st Floor Telephone: (937) 904-8428); Fax 257-8427 Appointments: 1-877-522-3600
  • WPMC - Pharmacy Information

    This fact sheet provides information specific to each of the three pharmacies that are part of the Wright-Patterson Medical Clinic.
  • WPMC - Recognizing Family Maltreatment

    Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that has the goal of controlling an intimate partner by means of emotional (psychological), physical or sexual violence. It is also the depravation of financial support, and the deliberate manipulation of the home environment so as to cause one partner in the relationship to feel trapped or isolated. The
  • WPMC - Services

    Visitor Pass InstructionsIf you wish to visit a patient admitted to WPMC but do not have access to WPAFB, you must obtain a visitors pass.  Passes are granted for 72 hours and are extended as necessary based on the patient's length of stay.During normal duty hours:  Visit 88th Security Forces Squadron Pass & Registration, located in Bldg. 286 at
  • WPMC - Warfighter Laser Surgery FAQ

    * DISCLAIMER: The following "FAQs" are strictly for informational purposes only. They do not explicitly or implicitly guarantee your eligibility or outcome with refractive surgery. These FAQs are not exhaustive and do not replace the required pre-operative informational briefings or informed consent. More detailed information is available from your
  • Wright Scholar Research Assistant program

    Minimum Age: 16 years by program start.Qualification Standards: High school junior or senior at time of application, interest in STEM career, U.S. citizen, and GPA of 3.5 or greater, transportation to/from worksiteTenure: 3 June – 2 August 2019  The Wright Scholar Research Assistant program is an Air Force
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

    Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located northeast of Dayton, Ohio, and encompasses parts of Greene and Montgomery counties.  The base has a rich aviation heritage.  The pioneering work of Orville and Wilbur Wright from 1899 to 1903 enabled them to achieve the first manned, powered flight. After their success at Kitty Hawk, they returned home to