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  • D'Azzo - Library Special Collections

    AFRL Wright Research Site (WRS) Special Collections LibraryTechnical Reports Collection The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Library at Wright-Patterson owns nearly 100,000 technical reports, including those from the Department of Defense, AGARD, NACA, NASA, CPIA and other government agencies, dealing with scientific, technological, military,
  • D'Azzo - Publication Resources

    AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS AIP Conference Proceedings (1970-present) Applied Physics Letters (1962-present) Applied Physics Reviews (1980-present) Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (1991-present)
  • T2 - Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Technology Transfer (T2)?The process by which existing knowledge, facilities or capabilities developed under federal research and development (R&D) funding are utilized to fulfill public and private needs. T2 includes Spin Off, Spin On and Dual-use.     · Spin-off: To promote and make available existing Department of Defense (DoD) -owned
  • T2 - In the News and Success Stories

    MORE T-2 IN THE NEWS: Air Force partners with Purdue Research Foundation  Gatorade to market biosensor developed at Wright-Patt lab Sparking Innovation by Bringing Together the Military, Entrepreneurs and Investors  
  • T2 - Patent Summaries

      The Air Force uses patent licensing agreements to allow businesses and individuals to manufacture, sell or incorporate Air Force technology into their own products. For companies without a large research and development budget access to these technologies can be greatly beneficial. The technology
  • T2 - White Paper Checklist

    WHITE PAPER CHECKLIST - AF TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAM OFFICE 1) Name of the principal investigator/point of contact: a. Name and title (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)b. E-mail addressc. Phone number (with area code)d. Company namee. Addressf. Number of employeesg. General research areas (list briefly)2) Title of the project you want help developing.3)
  • USAFSAM - Academic Development Division

    Mission: To support the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine by providing Level 1 through Level 3 interactive eLearning courses, instructional systems design, information technology, multimedia, and subject matter expertise to both in-house and contractor supported courseware development.Vision: To be the leader of industry-standard courseware
  • USAFSAM - Academic Evaluations Division

    Mission: To support internal and external customers of the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine in course development, revision, management, and evaluation of more than 80 courses to ensure highly qualified graduates required by the field.Vision: To promote and provide continuous improvement of education through the Instructional
  • USAFSAM - Aerospace Medicine Department

    -Initial, advanced and graduate education and training for aerospace medicine personnel and other flight crews-Specialty consultation and research in aerospace medicine, dental investigations and hyperbaric medicine-Education and training in aeromedical operations, aerospace physiology and readiness skills-Fitness to Fly EvaluationsRam Program,
  • USAFSAM - Aerospace Medicine Education

    If you possess CAC/ECA, you can access more in-depth registration capabilities within the AF Knowledge Exchange.  Search for "Aerospace Medicine Education Branch." A useful source of course information for Training Managers is the ETCA Website.AEROSPACE PRIMARY COURSESCourse Registration:  To register for Aerospace Medicine Education Branch Courses