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  • AFRL Alternatives Planning Technology Aids Decision Makers

    Department of Defense (DoD) professionals frequently confront daunting amounts of data that, considered collectively, contribute to an informed decision but, viewed individually, mean nothing or add no value. Many times, this data represents inexplicit averages, approximations, and expert opinion.

  • CAI TechnologIes Mitigate RIsks of CertIfyIng Bonded Structures

    Thanks to the AFRL-sponsored Composites Affordability Initiative (CAI), the Department of Defense (DoD) supplier base now has access to a suite of tools and technologies enabling confident certification of bonded composite structures for primary load-bearing applications. The use of these resources

  • AFRL Develops Brassboard GI

    Presently, all Air Force glide bombs incorporate fuzes that contain an embedded safety and arming (S&A) device. The S&A mechanism is responsible for maintaining the fuze in a safe state until a prescribed set of postlaunch arming conditions is satisfied. Because of the potentially catastrophic

  • AFRL Fields Web-Based Tool for Evaluating Image Quality

    AFRL engineers conceived, designed, and developed an online image-quality evaluation tool to fulfill a critical need associated with the creation of an autonomous approach and landing capability (AALC). The AALC encompasses sensor, human, and air vehicle considerations and thus employs an


    AFRL is developing state-of-the-art weaponry that users can launch into the vicinity of mobile targets to autonomously find and defeat them. This capability provides increased survivability, multiple kills per pass, and minimal pilot workload. Since there is an inherent delay between observing a


    A team of engineers from AFRL and Northrop Grumman Space Technology (NGST), of Redondo Beach, California, demonstrated a solid-state (electric) laser. This research effort addressed the laser device output for high-power solid-state laser (HPSSL) technologies, which have the potential to meet the


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