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  • AFRL Successfully Completes GDE-2 Testing

    AFRL engineers completed testing of the second-generation Ground Demonstration Engine, known as GDE-2, at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center's 8 ft high-temperature tunnel (Hampton, Virginia). The GDE-2 is a hydrocarbon-fueled supersonic combustion

  • AFRL Develops a Unified Taxonomy for Assessing Visionic Devices

    A cooperative effort between scientists at AFRL's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, facilities and the US Army's Aeromedical Research Laboratory, Fort Rucker, Alabama, produced more than 40 test methodologies for conducting laboratory evaluations of visionic devices. The key to properly

  • AFRL Invents Coherent Beam Combination Technique

    AFRL scientists invented a coherent beam combination technique--Locking of Optical Coherence by Single-Detector Electronic-Frequency Tagging (LOCSET)--that is scalable to a large number of array elements. Existing fiber amplifiers, which are suitable for high-quality beam combination, exhibit 400 W

  • AFRL Researcher Granted All-Cavity Magnetron Axial Extractor Patent

    AFRL directed energy expert Dr. Andrew Greenwood earned a US patent entitled "All-Cavity Magnetron Axial Extractor." The patented technology is a key enabler for packaging a relativistic magnetron high-power microwave (HPM) source into a compact, airborne platform. Previous schemes for extracting

  • AFRL Completes Automated Aerial Refueling Station-Keeping Flight Test

    AFRL researchers completed a series of automated aerial refueling (AAR) station-keeping flight tests. The test series included the first autonomous flight of an aircraft in the refueling position behind a KC-135 tanker. The purpose of the AAR program is to develop and demonstrate operationally

  • Instruments Installed in Greenland Will Enhance Space Weather Forecasts

    Under an international cooperative research project between the US Air Force (AF), Denmark's Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Transport and Energy, and the Greenland Home Rule government, AFRL researchers deployed a suite of five ionospheric monitoring instruments at Station Nord, located in far


    AFRL engineers successfully completed a critical design review (CDR) of the Information Support Server Environment (ISSE) version 3.6. Upon completion of the CDR, AFRL received approval to proceed with implementation from major stakeholders, which include the Air Force Command and Control

  • AFRL Completes Dual-Use Initiative for Nonintrusive Stress Measurement

    AFRL, in partnership with Williams International and Hood Technology Corporation, managed a Dual-Use Science and Technology initiative to advance Nonintrusive Stress Measurement System (NSMS) technology for small turbine engines. Exploiting initial NSMS research conducted by the Arnold Engineering


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