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  • Airman acquitted at court-martial

    During a special court-martial convened July 10 at Wright-Patterson AFB, a senior airman from the 88th Medical Operations Squadron was found not guilty of a charge of assault consummated by a battery against a female Airman from the 88th Surgical Operations Squadron. After hearing the testimony of five witnesses, instructions on the law and closing
  • Save money by registering now for Air Force marathon

    Attention all marathoners and half-marathoners: If you've put off early registration for the 11th annual U.S. Air Force Marathon, Sept. 15, your time for procrastinating is running out. If you haven't logged onto http://www.usafmarathon.com and registered for your race by the time the clock strikes midnight Eastern Standard Time on July 31, your
  • Officers wives club artists celebrate Air Force's 60th anniversary

    The downtown Dayton Metro public library's upstairs meeting room has an art exhibit of 50-plus paintings from the base Officers Wives Club Brush and Palette Group now through Aug. 31. The group's 16 members and their instructor put the works on display to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Air Force. The artist group chairman, Rebecca
  • Air Force marathon continues to add new race elements

    Air Force Marathon officials continue to add to the growing list of new elements for this year's Air Force 60th Anniversary event that will take place Sept. 15 here. In response to runner requests, officials have added new five-year age category awards for the half-marathon race. "There can be a big difference between a 40 and a 49 year-old running
  • OSR Launches New Studies in Information Forensics, Process Integration

    The Air Force Office of Scientific Research here completed its first Information Forensics and Process Integration Program Review recently at Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. The review kicked off new basic research funding in the two new areas of interest concentrating on topics such as incomplete information, active querying, and cognitive
  • AFRL, local anthropometry business sizing up improved safety standards for U. S. firefighters

    A study underway at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Human Effectiveness Directorate could lead to improved safety standards and fewer deaths on the job for the nation's firefighters--rescuers who are being injured or killed while racing to save the lives others. The study was sparked by International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) statistics
  • Lab-Developed F-22 Nose Landing Gear Door Reduces Production and Maintenance Costs

    Working under AFRL's Advanced Aluminum Aerostructures Initiative (AAAI), researchers developed an innovative nose landing gear door (NLGD) that will be a part of all newly produced F-22 aircraft. The new door is less costly to produce than the original door structure; further, it will significantly reduce maintenance time and expense. Already
  • Researchers Improve Capability to Detect Cryogenic Tank Damage

    Researchers from AFRL, the University of Dayton Research Institute, and Purdue University's School of Mechanical Engineering made significant progress in developing an improved capability for monitoring the structural health of cryogenic tanks used for space missions. The researchers conducted highresolution nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and
  • AFRL Researchers Conduct Baseline C-130 Tip Tank Flight Demonstrations

    AFRL, in conjunction with Snow Aviation, completed baseline  flight demonstrations of a C-130 aircraft. To determine the aircraft's flight characteristics under various conditions, the researchers gathered data as the C-130 completed exercises such as maximum-performance takeoff, roll mode at half aileron deflection, banked turns, and power-off and
  • Deployed Engineers Provide Mine Clearing Support

    Two materials engineers from AFRL's Airbase Technologies Division deployed to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM to provide robotic system support and training. Air Combat Command and US Central Command Air Forces requested this in-country support for the Mine Area Clearance Equipment (MACE) prototype, a robotic mine clearing system based on Danish heavy