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  • Wright-Patterson announces Retiree Appreciation Day

    The Retiree Activities Office here will host a Retiree Appreciation Day Oct. 25 at the Wright-Patterson Club and Banquet Center. The event is open to all military retirees, spouses, widows and widowers throughout the greater Miami Valley served by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, said project officer retired Col. Paul Moore, project
  • Marathon 5K signals growing partnership between base and university

    The U.S. Air Force Marathon's 5K Race has a new location and date for 2007. Signifying a new partnership between Wright-Patterson AFB and nearby Wright State University, this year's 5K will take place on the university's campus Sept. 14, the day before the marathon, which will be held at the base. In the past, the 5K took place along with the
  • Reserve maintainers respond quickly to C-5 fuel spill

    Fast response by maintenance crews during the off-loading of jet fuel from a base C-5A Galaxy averted a major fuel spill here today, officials said. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base firefighters responded to the 445th Airlift Wing parking ramp about 1:10 p.m. when a malfunction during the off-loading of fuel into an adjacent fuel truck resulted in a
  • WWRS sets new sales record

    With still another month remaining in fiscal year 2007, the Worldwide Warehouse Redistribution Services program is approaching the $16 million mark, shattering the previous record for annual sales. Managed by the Air Force Security Assistance Center at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, WWRS is a virtual warehouse for foreign military sales similar to
  • ASC’s MSRC supports study to improve F-22 fighter

    An enemy fighter jet in hot pursuit gains on an F-22 as the pilot instinctively pushes on the stick and the rudder pedals for a 90-degree turn to break away. The 9-G- plus forces tax the body of the seasoned fighter pilot, but will these stresses damage the body of the F-22 aircraft? The Major Shared Resource Center here at Aeronautical Systems
  • Base set to eliminate vehicle registration requirement

    Those familiar blue and white Department of Defense registration stickers for privately owned vehicles will soon become a memory. "Effective Sept. 3, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base will discontinue registration of privately owned vehicles," said Lt. Col. Mike Reiner, 88th Security Forces Squadron commander. Pass and Registration will not issue any
  • Base emergency responders wrap up barrel incident

    Base officials are wrapping up an incident from early Tuesday when a 55-gallon drum barrel was hit by a semi-truck and ended up just outside the base fence along State Route 444 in Fairborn. Base Security Forces initially received a call from the Ohio Department of Transportation due to the location of the barrel, which was in the vicinity of Gate
  • Pace team vital to marathon success

    One can see him, from quite literally, a mile away. With his bright red, spray-painted hair and a sign that stands higher than his tall frame, he's quite possibly one of the most encouraging people one will find at the Air Force Marathon. His name is Jim Crist and he's a cheerleader of sorts. Not the kind one sees at a basketball or football game;
  • Air Force makes significant changes to motorcycle safety requirements

    The revised AFI 91-207, "US Air Force Traffic Safety Program," announced early this spring, is now available at www.e-publishing.af.mil. Substantial changes are communicated for motorcycles, seatbelts, cell phones, personal protective equipment and training. Unit commanders are also tasked with specific actions concerning motorcycle riders assigned
  • USAF Marathon director available for interview

    The U.S. Air Force Marathon is less than one month away and area officials are busy putting on the finishing touches to what promises to be a monumental event. In preparation for this local celebration of the Air Force 60th Anniversary, Marathon director Molly Louden will be available for interviews up to September 15. The eleventh annual race will