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  • AMC Rapidly Fields AFRL's Command and Control Timeline Visualization Technology

    AFRL engineers developed new work-centered interface distributed environment (WIDE) software that provides a timeline visualization capability. Air Mobility Command's (AMC) Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC) is fielding the advanced technology demonstration software in its operational systems. The timeline visualization tool applies work-centered
  • Physicists Convert Light Pulses Into Matter for Quantum Communications

    AFRL-sponsored physicists at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) have--for the first time--halted a light pulse and regenerated it in a new location. This research is of consequence to the future of the Air Force because it could provide a powerful technique for fiber-optic communication and quantum information processing, which are
  • AFRL Tests Fuze Survivability

    AFRL teamed with Alliant Techsystems (Plymouth, Minnesota) to conduct cannon testing of the Survivable Thermostable Robust Intelligent Fuze (STRIFE). STRIFE is an intelligent fuze capable of making active decisions during penetration. The device can sense voids, layers, and distance traveled; it also has a built-in data recorder that records its
  • AFRL Captures Real-Time Video for Ballistic Missile Test

    AFRL engineers tracked and collected data on a successful missile defense intercept test at the Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), located off the Hawaiian island of Kauai. They fed real-time video to the control center, successfully capturing the intercept of a Scud-type ballistic missile launched from a mobile platform positioned in
  • AFRL Research Team Awarded for International Collaborative Effort

    Members of an AFRL-led cooperative program team that developed the Next-Generation Active Buffeting Induced-Stress Suppression System earned The Technical CooperationProgram (TTCP) Team Achievement Award for their efforts towards creating a vibration suppression system with the potential for extending the fatigue life of high-performance aircraft
  • AFRL Develops Lighter-Weight Battlefield Power System

    AFRL engineers advanced and deployed a battlefield power system that reduces the carrying loads of Air Force forward battlefield operators by 24%. In the past, operators carried up to 35 lbs of batteries into the field. AFRL developed the lighter-weight power technology over the past 3 years, completing both developmental and operational testing.
  • Education and Training Flight highlights fall class offerings

    The Base Education and Training Flight here is offering a number of fall classes for the Wright-Patt community. Most classes are no-cost and are open to all Wright-Patterson employees, both military and civilian. Class sessions are held at the Education and Training Flight in Bldg. 50, Area B. "Our professionally presented classes rival or exceed
  • AFRL Develops Partial Solution to Helicopter Brownout

    At the request of Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), an AFRL rapid reaction team successfully integrated and tested a science and technology (S&T) solution to helicopter brownout, a problem that occurs during takeoffs and landings performed in the dry, dusty conditions of the desert and similarly arid environments. The blowing sand and
  • AFRL Initiates Transfer of Engine Data Mining Software

    AFRL engineers collaborated with data management company Info Scribe Technology Laboratory (ISTL), Inc., to acquire a software package for assisting the management of inspection data. The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC), Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, purchased the intelligent agent architecture (IAA) software to gain the capability
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tammy M. Savoie Wins Flemming Award

    Lieutenant Colonel Tammy M. Savoie, of AFRL's Human Effectiveness Directorate, was named a recipient of the 58th Annual Arthur S. Flemming Award in the Administrative category. Lt. Col. Savoie is chief both of AFRL's Fatigue Countermeasures Branch, located at Brooks City-Base, Texas, and of AFRL's Aircrew and Protection Branch, Wright-Patterson Air