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  • Secretary of Education tours Wright-Patt's Starbase

    As part of a three-day bus tour, United States Secretary of Education, the Honorable Margaret Spellings, visited the Youth Center and Starbase Wright-Patterson near the Prairie, at Wright Field Sept. 20. During the visit here, she was escorted by Lt. Gen. Jack Hudson, commander of Aeronautical Systems Center; Col. Colleen M. Ryan, commander of the
  • Not just for groceries: Commissary partners with base on sexual assault, response program

    The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Commissary is not just a place for military members and dependents to pick up groceries; it's also a safe haven for people who may have been sexually assaulted. Defense Commissary Agency officials on base are partnering with the base sexual assault response coordinator office in order to promote education and
  • Double deck aircraft mockup enables firefighting research

    Responding to operational challenges posed by the new generation of large double deck aircraft, Air Force Research Laboratory engineers here have developed a mockup to research how to best fight fires and save lives in the event of a crash. The AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Airbase Technologies Division at Tyndall, working in
  • Lieutenant governor, Columbus mayor applaud Air Force heritage

    Ohio officials honored the Air Force Monday when the lieutenant governor proclaimed Sept. 24 to 30 as "Air Force Heritage Week" in a ceremony at Rickenbacker Regional Airport. Speaking to an audience of about 120 Guard members and civilians, Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher thanked Ohio's men and women currently serving in the Air Force, and extended
  • Park Service to commemorate 102nd anniversary of first practical flight

    Vintage aircraft builder and pilot Mark Dusenberry will reenact the first practical circling flight by a powered aircraft at Huffman Prairie Flying Field here Oct. 5. The National Park Service and Aviation Heritage Foundation are teaming with hosting support by Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for the event, which is free and open to the public.
  • AFRL Researchers Complete Blended Wing Body Wind Tunnel Tests

    AFRL researchers completed tests of a blended wing body (BWB) model in a 16-foot transonic wind tunnel at the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC).  The BWB model is a follow-on to previous wind tunnel tests conducted in the National Transonic Facility (NTF).  The AEDC wind tunnel's larger cross-section enabled researchers to gather a
  • X-51A Completes Low-Mach Test Series

    AFRL engineers completed low-Mach tests on the SJX61-1 engine using the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley Research Center's 8-foot high-temperature tunnel. The Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne SJX61-1 (or X-1) is a hydrocarbonfueled scramjet [supersonic combustion ramjet] engine featuring full X-51A flight hardware: flowpath
  • AFRL Scientists Develop Miniaturized Laser-Based Measurement Capabilities for Scramjet Engine Performance Analysis

    AFRL scientists are working with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) partner Zolo Technologies, Inc., to prepare for the first flight test of a diode-laserbased measurement platform. The test is part of the Hypersonic International Flight Research and Experimentation (HIFiRE) program. The team has adapted and miniaturized laser-based
  • AFRL's 1-Megawatt Superconducting Generator Successfully Completes Demonstration

    AFRL scientists and engineers successfully demonstrated the Multimegawatt Electric Power System (MEPS) 1-megawatt (MW) superconducting generator. The demonstration tested the generator's load up to 1.3 MW at over 10,000 rpm. The line-line voltages were 266 V-rms, and the currents were 1460 A-rms. The new MEPS generator achieved 97% efficiency,
  • Real-Time Measurements Improve High-Energy Laser Optical Coatings

    As part of an AFRL Small Business Innovation Research effort, MetaStable Instruments, Inc., reduced the time and expense required to optimize optical coating processes for aircraft and space components. This effort resulted in the successful development of a dynamic new technique that enables coating technicians to measure light absorption and