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  • Putting a Reaper in the skies over Afghanistan, a chain of successes

    Since late September, the new MQ-9 Reaper has flown daily missions over Afghanistan. The 658th Aeronautical Systems Squadron, in the 303rd Aeronautical Systems Wing, comprises the team of program managers, functional supporters, testers and logisticians who were behind the team effort of getting the MQ-9 armed and airborne in Afghanistan. The
  • October’s Young Heroes receive Medals Of Honor

    At noon, Oct. 4, at Wright-Patterson's Chapel 3 in the Prairies at Wright Field, siblings Ada Lillian Kingston and Timothy Desmond Kingston received Young Heroes Medals of Honor. The two were accompanied at the ceremony by their parents, Paula and Niall Kingston, and their brothers, Simon and Leo. The Young Heroes program recognizes the courage and
  • AFRL researchers fine-tune F-35 pilot-aircraft speech system

    When the first production F-35 Lightning II rolls out in 2008, communications between pilot and aircraft will enter a new era thanks in part to testing and analysis conducted at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Human Effectiveness Directorate. The F-35 will be the first U. S. fighter aircraft with a speech recognition system able to "hear" a
  • Miami Valley CFC in full swing on base

    The 2007 Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign is in full swing and unit representatives are working on getting 100 percent contact in their offices.This year's campaign kicked off with an agency fair at the Ervin J. Nutter Center at Wright State University Oct. 3. Representatives from 112 local, national and international charities were on hand
  • Chaplains reach out to community for Clergy Day

    Base Chaplains are hoping to familiarize local spiritual leaders of every faith background with the base, its missions and the difficulties faced by military families at Clergy Day Oct. 22. "Most base people don't live on base and after working here all week they don't come back through the gate to attend worship services. They go downtown," said
  • Luncheon with aviation legends Oct. 26

    Enlisted members here will have a rare opportunity to celebrate their aviation heritage Oct. 26, during a luncheon with some living legends. The "Muster Luncheon" at the Wright-Patterson Club invites current enlisted Airmen to meet with the celebrated "Flying Sergeants" during a reunion by the Army Air Corps Enlisted Pilots Association, said Senior
  • Base to bring speaker for major workshop on violence against women

    In an effort to raise awareness and educate communities about domestic violence, four Wright-Patterson helping agencies have joined forces to co-sponsor the workshop "A Call to Men," featuring guest speaker Tony Porter. The base sexual assault response, family advocacy, Federal Women's Programs and Federally Employed Women are sponsoring the
  • 88th Operations Support Squadron stands ready for inspection

    The 88th Air Base Wing Operations Support Squadron is gearing up to host the Air Force Materiel Command Air Traffic System Evaluation and Air Force Weather Standardization and Evaluation Program starting October 15 through October 19. ATSEP and AWSEP will evaluate the ability of Airfield Operations Flight, Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems
  • Washington shows continued support for Afghanistan

    Less than three months after the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visited this small southern district, three additional members of the Washington, D.C.-based Joint Staff stopped by for a meeting with the provincial governor here Oct. 7. Strategic Plans and Policy Director Lt. Gen. John Sattler (Marine Corps), Operations Director Lt. Gen.
  • Wright Flyer III briefly rises again over Huffman Prairie

    Vintage aircraft builder and pilot Mark Dusenberry will confess his passion for flying a replica 1905 Wright Flyer III borders on obsession. Today over the hallowed Huffman Prairie, where the Wright brothers perfected the airplane, he felt both the exhilaration and disappointment of Orville and Wilbur. During a reenactment of their Oct. 5, 1905