Spotlight: Master Sgt. Sean Loveland

  • Published
  • 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs


Name and rank: Master Sgt. Sean Loveland

Units of assignment: 88th Inpatient Operations Squadron and 88th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

What’s your job like every day? No day is similar to the last, and that makes it exciting. First sergeants live by the mantra of “flexicute” as their time and schedule is based on the daily demands of both Airmen and the mission. Every day presents a multitude of leadership and learning opportunities that not only sharpens tools in the toolbox but acquires more for future applications. Any day that ends with new or refined ways to take care of Airmen and the mission is a great day.

Do you have a mentoring or career tip for Airmen, including those who’d like to be a “first shirt” someday?

Know, understand and employ strong emotional intelligence. Not every solution can be applied impartially as each Airman is unique. Not only does this empower leaders, particularly prospective first sergeants, to embody the intrusive leadership model, but it also personifies President Theodore Roosevelt’s “nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

What’s your favorite part of being a first sergeant and why?

My favorite part of being a first sergeant is being ever-vigilant and the eyes and ears to the needs of both Airmen and the mission. Establishing an environment of trust and respect ensures that Airmen know they have unwavering support throughout any of life’s events and, like a lighthouse, will illuminate even the darkest paths.

Baron von Steuben said it best: “The first sergeant ... should consider the importance of their office; that the discipline of the unit, the conduct of the personnel, their exactness in obeying orders and the regularity of their manners will in great measure depend on their vigilance.”