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Airman Systems Directorate announces new logo

Airmen Systems Directorate logo

Airmen Systems Directorate logo

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The 711th Human Performance Wing’s Airman Systems Directorate’s new logo was announced by Dr. Kevin Geiss, Airman Systems director, during an all call Dec. 20 at the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine here.


The logo features many symbols, which when combined, constitute a plethora of meanings. However, in the foreground and primary to directorate is the Airman, strong at the center and touching all three domains - air, space and cyberspace.


The directorate underwent a name change in May 2016 from the Human Effectiveness Directorate to the current Airman Systems Directorate due to what Geiss then stated was an effort to better reflect the directorate’s mission and vision, both of which highlight the Airman and his or her capabilities.


“Ultimately, everything we do is to enable and sustain our Airmen,” said Geiss in the May press release that announced the name change. “Each individual Airman…that’s why we are all here.”


This new logo depicts just that – the Airman at the helm.


Shortly after the name change was announced, personnel within the directorate were challenged to design the new logo. There were 16 submissions for the logo challenge, and instead of choosing just one, an amalgam of the top designs was created. The logo also reflects the directorate’s legacy of logos with the colors from both the 711 HPW logo as well as the Air Force seal.


Airman Systems Directorate is one of three organizations within the 711th Human Performance Wing in the Air Force Research Laboratory headquartered here. The other two are the Human Systems Integration Directorate and USAFSAM.


The primary mission areas of the 711 HPW are Airman Health & Performance, Airman-Machine Teaming, Force Protection, and Education and Training. The Airman is the common denominator as the Wing focuses on human performance as it relates to the needs of the Air Force and other military partners.


For more information on the 711 HPW or Airman Systems Directorate, please visit http://www.wpafb.af.mil/afrl/711HPW/.