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  • AFRL completes Subsonic Swept-Wing Laminar Flow Flight Test

    Turbulent air flow over an air vehicle wing surface increases airfoil drag and inhibits efficient flight. In an effort to reduce this problem, the Air Force Research Laboratory recently completed the Subsonic Swept-Wing Laminar Flow Flight Test (SWIFT). AFRL researchers completed SWIFT flight testing to investigate span-wise periodic discrete
  • Army praises Air Force for future battlefield improvements

    In front-line ground combat situations, specially trained Air Force warfighters must peer into the fog of war, collect target data from Army spotters, clearly grasp complex facts under high-stress chaotic conditions and render a decision that will rain lethal air strikes against nearby enemy targets. The Air Force Research Laboratory's Human
  • AFRL and JEDC enter into SpringBoard Partnership Intermediary Agreement

    The Air Force Research Laboratory will host members from the Juneau Economic Development Council (JEDC) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) at a Oct. 26 kickoff meeting to begin work on the partnership intermediary agreement (PIA), referred to as SpringBoard. JEDC, a not-for-profit organization based in Juneau, Alaska, entered into the
  • First-ever laser test conducted using recycled fuel

    The world's first firing of a laser using recycled fuel was conducted recently by an Air Force and Boeing Company team. During an Aug. 24 test at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate, a chemical laser was supplied with its two main fuels--basic hydrogen peroxide and chlorine--which were regenerated from waste products
  • Teams prepare for show stopper demonstrations

    Two, six-member Junior Workforce Challenge Project teams working on non-lethal, vehicle-halting prototypes for deployed area checkpoints will display their efforts at an upcoming competition. Each team consists of Air Force junior officers and civilians. They have been working on ideas since June, one team here and the other at Wright-Patterson Air
  • Responsive space demonstrator ready to roll

    Officials are saying the December launch of a tactical satellite, dubbed TacSat-2, will serve as the predecessor for rapid satellite production, launch and operation. Managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate, TacSat-2 has evolved into a responsive space demonstrator ready for flight in 24 months. Similar military
  • AFRL tests Mars Flyer concept

    Air Force Research Laboratory researchers continue to play a critical role in the future of Mars exploration. Scientists from AFRL's Air Vehicles Aerospace Vehicle Integration and Demonstration Branch, NASA Ames Research Center, and Naval Research Laboratory met from September 18-20 to perform testing of a Mars Flyer model in AFRL's vertical wind
  • AFRL leads way to test, certify synthetic fuels

    As an integral partner in the Office of the Secretary of Defense Assured Fuels Initiative, the Air Force Research Laboratory is leading the investigation for suitable, domestically produced alternative fuels for military use.AFRL is now certifying suitable fuels for the Air Force fleet, as part of the Air Force's comprehensive energy strategy.
  • AFRL Completes Vibration Testing for DSX Satellite Trials

    AFRL scientists completed vibration testing of the High-Energy Proton Spectrometer (HEPS), which will serve as one of six instruments comprising the Space Weather and Environmental Effects trial on the Demonstration and Science Experiment (DSX) satellite, scheduled to launch in 2008. The evaluation simulated the spacecraft's launch environment and
  • AFRL Successfully Tests Heat-Pipe-Cooled Wing Leading Edges

    AFRL scientists completed thermal validation tests to verify the performance of a heat-pipe-cooled wing leading edge. The effort, which furthers the development of reliable, maneuverable space operating vehicle (SOV) technology, demonstrated a technology readiness level (TRL) increase, advancing the technology's viability from TRL 4 to TRL 5. The