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  • School of Aerospace Medicine personnel begin moving into new complex at Wright-Patterson AFB

    The Air Force Research Laboratory took another major step toward the completion of the Base Realignment and Closure when it took possession of the Major General Harry G. Armstrong complex at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, on March 1, 2011.The complex is composed of four buildings that will house mission units of the 711th Human Performance
  • AFOSR MURI Research in Microscale Heat Transfer Promises to Benefit Military Systems

    A two-year-old Air Force Office of Scientific Research Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative effort involving the University of Michigan, Stanford University, Brown University, and the University of California at Santa Cruz is making great strides in achieving a fundamental understanding of heat transfer at interfaces."We aim to
  • Wright-Patterson R&D programs honored with Laureate Awards

    Two Air Force Research Laboratory advanced research and development programs were honored in Washington March 8 with Aviation Week Laureate Awards.The Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System and X-51A Waverider hypersonic flight test vehicle teams were recognized "for their exploration, innovation and vision" in the aerospace and defense
  • AFRL team nominated for prestigious Collier Trophy

    The Air Force Research Laboratory's Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology (ACAT) Fighter Risk Reduction Program (FRRP) team has been recently honored with a nomination for the National Aeronautic Association's Robert J. Collier Trophy to recognize its successful development and flight test of an Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto
  • New Measurement Into Biological Polymer Networks

    The development of a new measurement technology under a research project funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the National Science Foundation is probing the structure of composite and biological materials."Our results have provided some of the first microscopic insights into a sixty year old puzzle about the way polymeric
  • Data analytics expert says the key to success is making sense of more data faster than your competitor

    An expert in data analytics says for businesses, organizations and the military to be successful, they need to be able to not only process and make sense of the ever-growing amount of data that is coming in at a blistering pace, they need to do it faster than their competitors.Jeff Jonas, the chief scientist at IBM Entity Analytics Group and an IBM
  • USAFSAM closes one chapter and begins another

    The USAF School of Aerospace Medicine marked the end of an era on Feb. 17 by ceremonially decommissioning the Brooks-based school after 85 years in San Antonio, a final step in its transition to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Nearly 600 people including a host of active and retired general officers, MAJCOM Surgeons General, Air Force leadership, current
  • Nanofabrication Tools May Make Silicon Optical Chips More Accessible

    In an effort to make it easier to build inexpensive, next-generation silicon-based electro-optical chips, which allow computers to move information with light and electricity, a University of Washington photonics professor, Dr. Michael Hochberg and his research team are developing design tools and using commercial nanofabrication tools.Silicon
  • Air Force-Funded Researcher Investigates New Material Grown From Sugar

    Ordinary table sugar could be a key ingredient to developing much lighter, faster, cheaper, denser and more robust computer electronics for use on U.S. military aircraft.Though admittedly far in the future, recent results from a program led by chemist and Rice University professor, Dr. James Tour demonstrate yet another example of the cutting-edge
  • AFRL/RX recognizes annual awards winners

    The Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate recognized its top performers during the 58th Annual AFRL awards recognition luncheon at the Hope Hotel here Jan. 14.Stephen Shapiro, a motivational speaker and a past-president for the New England Chapter of the National Speakers Association delivered the keynote. Dr.