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  • Transparent Material Breakthrough: One of Time Magazines Best Inventions of 2011

    A program co-funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) was chosen by Time Magazine for its List of Best Inventions of 2011. Drs Ali Aliev, Yuri Gartstein and Ray Baughman, of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), have succeeded in producing what is technically referred to as the "mirage effect from thermally modulated
  • AFOSR Celebrates 60th Anniversary with Invited Speaker Sir John Pendry

    AFOSR-funded researcher, Sir John Pendry spoke to a crowd of over 200 at the Air Force Institute of Technology's (AFIT) Kenney Hall Auditorium Monday as part of AFIT's regular speaker series and in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Pendry is well known as a condensed matter theorist and as the Chair
  • Lecture series to address human-automation relationships

    The next 711 HPW Chief Scientist's Office Guest Lecture Series presentation will be Nov. 18 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in the Building 441 Auditorium on Area B and features the intimate and pervasive relationship between humans and technology . Video teleconferencing will be available for those at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas.The lecture features Dr. John Lee,
  • Creating a bulletproof mindset

    Members from Team Wright-Patterson gathered inside AFIT's Kenney Hall to get a glimpse inside the mindset of Lt. Col. (Ret.) Dave Grossman, a former West Point Psychology Professor, Airborne Ranger infantry officer and paratrooper. Lt. Col. Grossman, director of the Warrior Science Group, an organization centered on the understanding of killing in
  • Air Force hosts noted physicist at anniversary celebration

    On Oct. 26, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in Arlington, Va., hosted a presentation by noted physicist Dr. Robert L. Byer from Stanford University. Dr. Byer's presentation was the first of several activities planned throughout the coming year as part of AFOSR's 60th anniversary celebration. In keeping with the AFOSR's anniversary
  • AFRL Director speaks at DESS

    The Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium was held on October 24th, at Wright State University Student Center. The annual DESS is sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and features 100's of technical presentations, from a broad range of engineering and science disciplines. The annual event is a forum for students, engineers and
  • USAFSAM flag pole dedication

    Faculty and students from the 711th Human Performance Wing's United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) gathered on a blustery, rainy morning to dedicate the flag pole on the north side of building 840. The dedication ceremony took place during reveille on Wednesday, October 20, 2011. This is the second official flag pole within
  • Former astronaut visits 711 Human Performance Wing

    During a visit to the 711th Human Performance Wing, former astronaut Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas P. Stafford took time to inspect the helmet assembly for Apollo missions that was recently found in Bldg. 248. General Stafford, who flew into space four times, confirmed that the clear bubble helmet was used for most phases of the mission, while the visor
  • AFRL develops 'snubber' to prevent engine damage

    An innovative solution from the Air Force Research Laboratory is expected to save the Air Force upwards of $40 million.The $35 "snubber" developed by the Propulsion Directorate is a vibration damper that will prevent cracks in the J-seal on the F119 engine's inlet case, a spoked, ring-like device that helps control the air going into the engine.
  • Flying on the Wings of Laureates

    The United States Air Force has a lot more in common with the Nobel awards than most people realize.One of the most highly coveted and recognized awards, the Nobel Prize recognizes those who contribute significant achievements in the areas of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace, and the economic sciences. Beginning in