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AFRL awards $9.5 million contract

ROME, N.Y. -- The Air Force Research Laboratory's Information Directorate has awarded a $9,513,756 contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. of San Diego, Calif., for research to enhance computer network security.

The three-year agreement is a follow-on to an award made in April 2003 to Orincon Information Assurance of San Diego to develop the "World Infrastructure Security Environment (WISE)." That work was funded at Congressional direction under the federal Small Business Innovative Research program, with research focusing on utilizing software agents previously developed by Orincon.

Lockheed Martin acquired the 250-employee systems integration and information technology company later that year.

"The goal of this research will be to develop technology to provide a more comprehensive, secure network environment," said Frances A. Rose, program manager in the directorate's Information Grid Division. "Lockheed Martin will provide software, testing and evaluation reports and demonstrations of the intended implementation of the WISE concept."

"The WISE program contemplates providing near-term technology solutions to the improvements of information assurance efforts, as well as researching long-term, innovative solutions to information security concerns," said Ms. Rose. "While initially intended to benefit Air Force and other Department of Defense systems, the technology developed under this program will most likely be transitioned to a variety of commercial applications."