PCS prep, your child’s IEP

  • Published
  • By 1st Lieutenant Connor McAfee
  • 88th Air Base Wing Judge Advocate

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE -- As the summer permanent change of station season looms, it is imperative for families with children receiving educational support services to comprehend the procedures for transferring an individualized education program at their new duty station. IEPs furnish tailored assistance for a spectrum of conditions, encompassing learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorders, emotional disturbances, and physical disabilities, thereby guaranteeing that each child garners the educational accommodations and services essential for their success. Regrettably, a PCS frequently disrupts educational plans, underscoring the significance of proactive preparation.

For children with existing IEPs, ensuring their currency and comprehensive documentation is paramount. Carrying a duplicate during the move is advised as schools may misplace records, and possession of a copy ensures continuity of care. Promptly initiating communication with the new school to discuss the child's needs and effectuate the IEP transfer is imperative. Federal law entitles the child to commensurate services as outlined in their extant IEP, albeit the new school will conduct its assessment to perpetuate or amend the IEP.

To mitigate potential delays in this transition:

  • Contact the School Liaison Office at the receiving base upon receipt of PCS details for information on local resources and available schools. Notably, IEPs do not extend to private schools.
  • Solicit assistance from the legal assistance office at the receiving base, where Air Force attorneys proficient in education law can aid families with existing IEPs or contemplating supplementary educational interventions for their child's prosperity. These legal experts can offer counsel to safeguard the child's educational rights and intervene should the new school prolong the evaluation process.

It is vital to recognize the support resources available at each base. For direct aid with IEP matters in Ohio, contact the 88th Air Base Wing’s Legal Office at 88abw.ja@us.af.mil or 937-257-6142.

While relocation can pose challenges, meticulous preparation ensures uninterrupted educational progression for your child. Our community stands poised to assist you and your family throughout this journey, facilitating a seamless transition and perpetuating your child's educational triumphs.

Wishing you success in your impending relocation!