The White Bird: A living tribute to aviation history

  • Published
  • By Brian Dietrick
  • 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – From the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903 to the technologic advancement of the F-35 Lightning II, we’ve come a long way in the evolution of aviation and mastery of controlled flight. The White Bird may be the finest evidence of that.

The new Wright Model B lookalike, nicknamed the White Bird, is the culmination of more than 20 years of passion and determination from a group of aviation enthusiasts, history buffs and volunteers.

Wright B Flyer Inc. is a Dayton-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of aviation history. The organization focuses on replicating and maintaining the Wright brothers’ aircraft, with a primary emphasis on the Wright Model B.

“This aircraft is a lookalike that is made out of steel and a lot of modern materials to ensure strength and safety,” said Jeff Stands, Wright B Flyer Inc. pilot and volunteer. “It is built to scale to the 1911 Wright B Flyer, the Wright brothers’ first production airplane. It was built right here in Dayton, Ohio, and was available for purchase to the public.”

Wright B Flyer Inc. has built several replicas of the Wright Model B over the years, often using modern materials and manufacturing techniques while staying true to the original design and specifications. These replicas are flown for educational and public-outreach purposes, providing a tangible connection to the early days of aviation.

“Every airplane that you see in the sky originates from the Wright B Flyer,” Stands said. “When you go look at a modern airplane, the basic shape and aerodynamics, everything transcends from what the Wright brothers created. We’ve come a long way since the original Wright B Flyer, but the roots of this plane can be found in any commercial airliner or military airplane.”

Wright B Flyer Inc. serves as a living tribute to the Wright brothers and their incredible contributions to the field of aviation, he added. It not only maintains the Wright Model B’s legacy but also engages in educational and public-outreach activities to inspire a new generation of aviation enthusiasts.

“It’s history,” Stands said. “We’re representing Dayton, the United States, and engineers and aviation enthusiasts around the world. We are preserving the Wright brothers’ dream of creating a flying machine.”

Wright B Flyer Inc. also offers a free museum in the hangar where the White Bird rests when it isn’t soaring through the skies. It’s located at 10550 Springboro Pike in Miamisburg.

Visitors can get up-close to the aircraft and meet the volunteers who designed, built, operate and maintain them. They can also browse various historical displays to see how the Wright brothers learned the secrets of flight and how those secrets allowed them to build and fly the world’s first successful aircraft.

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