Using the new MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

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  • By Kristen Van Wert
  • 88th Medical Group

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- The Wright-Patterson Medical Center will be implementing their new Electronic Health Record (EHR), MHS GENESIS, on June 3, 2023. Included in the new EHR is a new patient portal which replaces the current TRICARE Online Patient Portal currently in use.

Secure patient portals enable patients to manage their health care and engage with their health care team in a secure environment. After the transition, the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal can be accessed with a DS Logon or Common Access Card.

If you do not currently use the TRICARE Online website or patient portal to manage your healthcare needs, you are not required to use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal and these changes should not affect you. However, our medical staff is learning a new system so appointments may take longer than normal.

The current TRICARE Online Patient Portal is scheduled to sunset beginning with the self-appointment feature on May 27 and the secure messaging portal on June 1. Beneficiaries can continue to call WPMC’s Access to Care line at 937-522-APPT (2778) for appointment needs and other medical concerns.

Your full medical history will be available for your care team to review; however, you may not see all your prior results and historical health data once the transition to MHS GENESIS occurs. If you would like a copy of your medical records, you can visit for instructions on how to print and save your record or visit our medical records office prior to June 3. The medical records office is on the basement level of the medical center located at 4881 Sugar Maple Drive, Area A, WPAFB, Ohio.

The medical center recommends that beneficiaries create a DS Logon account prior to June 3 by visiting Included at this site is a user guide should you experience difficultly with your account.

Watch the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal informational video:

For MHS GENESIS Patient Portal frequently asked questions and helpful tips:

For more information about MHS GENESIS: The Electronic Health Record, go to

Beneficiaries with specific questions or concerns can contact our Patient Advocate at 937-257-9131 or the Information Desk at 937-257-0837.

Below are some frequently asked questions and helpful tips encompassing the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. The portal is for those patients who want to manage their healthcare electronically.

Q: What is the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

A: The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal replaces TRICARE Online and Secure Messaging. When fully deployed, it will allow you to:

• Manage primary care medical and dental appointments;

• Review clinical notes, referrals, lab and test results,

• Exchange secure messages with your health care team,

• Complete pre-visit questionnaires and more

Beneficiaries can access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal using their CAC or through a DS Logon account.

Q: What is a DS Logon account?         

A: DS Logon makes it easy for you to access your information across DoD and VA partner websites. You can view your financial and benefits information; Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information; claim statuses and records. If you have a DS Logon from a partner site, then you may use your same username and password to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal from any internet-connected device without a CAC reader.

Q: Who needs a DS Logon for MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

A: Beneficiaries without a CAC (ex: dependents, retirees). Service members should create a DS Logon account in order to have access their health records on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal from any internet-connected device without a CAC reader.

Q: Can I use my DS Logon from TOL?      

A: Yes. If you already have a DS Logon account from another government site that already uses DS Logon, then you can use the same username/password to access the MHS GENESIS portal. Partner sites that use DS Logon include:, milconnect, ebenefits.

Q: What can I expect when I create a DS Logon?

A: When creating a DSL account, the DSL validates and verifies your identity using a data vendor and by supplying information you have knowledge of and that you are in possession of.

The information you provide (called remote proofing) is a multiple step process that will protect your PII and PHI in partner applications. All information sent to the data vendor is encrypted, protected and is only used to verify identity at the time of remote proofing.

The system randomly selects one of three methods to remote proof: financial verification with a knowledge-based quiz; document upload and a selfie; knowledge-based quiz and document upload.

Remote proofing must be completed in one sitting in the time limit provided. Information you enter must match information in DEERS. Please have driver licenses, credit cards, and other documents available before you start the process. Having a cell phone with a camera available also makes the process easier when uploading documents/selfie.

You have 3 attempts to successfully remote proof. If you fail and are receiving an error, your ability to remote proof is suspended for 31 days. DMDC cannot remove the suspension.

After you remote proof, you will verify your contact information and verify two-factor authentication. You will choose a phone number to receive a one-time PIN (OTP). After entering the OTP, you confirm the primary email address and phone number to make changes, create a password and set up challenge questions to complete registration.

Passwords must be changed at least every 180 days and must meet password requirements.

Q: What are the three methods to remote proof?

A: The system will randomly select one of three methods to remote proof:

1) Financial verification + knowledge-based quiz

You can select the account type you would like to use (credit card, or other like loan info). When selecting credit card, you must enter the last 8-digits. When selecting other account, you must enter the full account number.  The expiration date and CVV # are NOT required. The card cannot be in dispute, frozen or expired, must be in your name and on your credit report.

You must also pass a knowledge-based quiz in less than three minutes. You have three attempts to successfully complete the quiz. 

2) Document upload + selfie

You will have to upload documents for identity verification. Documents include a driver’s license, a passport, state department ID, etc.  Take a photo of your selected documents and submit for verification. Do NOT use your military ID, veteran/DAV card, PIV card, expired ID and/or foreign issued documents. If you are on a non-mobile device, you may be prompted to select an image stored on your device instead of taking a selfie.

3) Knowledge-based quiz + document upload

You will have three attempts to pass the quiz within three minutes. Follow the second method directions for document upload.

Q: Can I use my DoD Common Access Card (CAC) to logon to MHS GENESIS Patient Portal?

A: As a CAC holder, you have the ability to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal with your CAC and bypass the remote proofing. However, it is highly recommended to ensure you have a DS Logon / create a DS Logon account as it will allow you to access your information from any internet-connected device without a CAC reader.

Military sponsors can request a DS Logon account for dependents, bypassing the need to remote proof. Ensure all information is current in DEERS.

After logging into your account, select register DS Logon for my dependents in the relationships column. Select appropriate dependents and click register. An activation code will be mailed or emailed if consent is on file to the address (e-mail) on file. Dependents will receive steps on how to complete the activation.

Q: Why is my DSL account locked/suspended?

A: DSL accounts can be locked for a variety of reasons to include unusual activity. Account locks can be unlocked by DMDC at 800-368-3665.  DSL accounts can be suspended due to incorrect password attempts or inactivity or have unsuccessfully tried to remote proof multiple times. DMDC cannot remove a suspension from unsuccessful remote proofing. To un-suspend an account: Log into DSL, Select Un-suspend My Account, Answer Challenge Questions and Change Password.