Providing Team Wright-Patt Strength Through Support

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  • By Christopher Meeker, 88th Air Base Wing and installation commander
  • 88th Air Base Wing

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – As we look toward to the next decade of strategic challenges it is imperative that we recognize how we as the Mighty 88th support the Department of the Air Force warfighting machine through the impressive dirty work that each of you do on a daily basis.

The command team and I have synchronized our strategic vision and plan to better equip you to execute your job and get after those critical warfighter support functions we do every day.

We find ourselves in a time of extreme synergy and focus across the entire Air Force. We have been challenged by the Secretary of the Air Force to execute seven Operational Imperatives necessary to face our greatest strategic challenges for the future and we have been called to action by our Chief of Staff of the Air Force to Accelerate Change or Lose

The entire Air Force team is laser focused on these priorities.

Air Force Material Command, Life Cycle Management Center, the 88th Air Base Wing and Team Wright-Patterson play a significant leadership role in these initiatives.

It is important to us that every Airman in the Mighty 88th understand their role in achieving our Air Force's strategic vision to ensure national security for the future. When you look at the missions we support it is easy to see (go to QR Code) just how critical Team Wright-Patt is to our national defense and Air Force priorities.

Entering our first non-pandemic year since 2019, it is more important than ever we are a connected, resilient team. Inspiring, connecting and supporting Airmen and families across 115 joint mission partners in a 6-state region is no easy feat!

This year, my lines of efforts for the 88th to focus on are:

  • LOE 1: Provide Strength Through Support to Our Mission Partners
  • LOE 2: Strengthen Our Team
  • LOE 3: Revolutionize Our Processes

Strength Through Support

The #1 priority for the Mighty 88th is to provide strength through support for our mission partners.

  • Team Wright-Patt is at the heart of the strategic mission, and our partners across six states will ensure our warfighters always have the advantage. Airmen of the Mighty 88th will Dominate the Dirty Work to maximize the amount of time and resources they have to prevent and win our Nation’s future fights. The Mighty 88th will Dominate the Dirty Work by:
    • 88th Civil Engineer Group will provide design and construction management, emergency services, operations and maintenance, as well as real property and environmental services to the installation.
    • 88th Medical Group will deliver premier medical care to our Wing equivalents and mission partners by enabling a medically fit Joint Force, providing mission-ready medics and improving the health of the community by focusing on patient-centered trusted care.
    • 88th Mission Support Group will deliver expert communication services, logistics readiness, law enforcement and security, and force support operations for more than 35K employees and 87K Total Force, Retirees, Veterans and their families within a seven-state region.
    • 88th Wing Staff Agencies will streamline the administrative process for rapid decision making and provide key financial and accounting support and outreach services to base and community personnel; they work behind the scenes to project a professional image to the public, protect employee and government rights, and be ready to respond during times of need.

Strengthen our Team

The #2 priority is to strengthen our team by revitalizing all of our resiliency and connectedness programs in 2023.

  • The Mighty 88th will ensure every Airman is ready to deploy and conquer any challenge that our nation might face. Our Squadron Commanders will train every Airman on agile combat-employment skills as the Air Force evolves its expeditionary warfighting concepts.
  • We will take what we have proven to be elite, professional-development programs to new heights.
  • We will create new policy and procedures to ensure connectedness and resiliency for Military Families and Veterans.
  • We will Open the Base more than ever before to welcome collaborations across civic and industry leaders to make Wright-Patt a place where the community can connect to help each other.

Revolutionize our Processes

The #3 priority is to revolutionize our processes as we have been charged to do AFMC Commander.

  • We will capitalize on Team Wright-Patt’s unique ecosystem to pioneer revolutionary technology.
  • We will pair technology with revolutionized processes that deliver integrated capabilities in support of our mission partners.
  • We will enable AFMC to scale these integrated capabilities as enterprise solutions.
  • We will entrust decisions to activate innovation at every level.


Lastly, as your command team, we will build and cultivate a connected Air Force culture. We will deliberately create programs to connect you with our mission partners, show you the amazing stuff they are working on for the Air Force’s most strategic fight, and teach you how your role in the 88th contributes to the bigger picture.

Below I have outlined my expectations for every Airmen and Leader in the Mighty 88th.

Thank you so much for the passion and hard work you pour into our mission every day here in the 88th Air Base Wing!  #DominatetheDirtyWork

Link to 88 ABW Strategic Plan: