Spotlight: Master Sgt. Jason Feichter

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  • 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs


Name and rank: Master Sgt. Jason Feichter

Units of assignment: 88th Comptroller Squadron, including serving as first sergeant for 88th Air Base Wing Staff Agencies, 88th Operations Support Squadron and 88th Civil Engineer Group

What’s your job like every day?

My days are anything but routine. Naturally, there are meetings to attend, but on any given day, that can all change rather quickly. The first sergeant’s job is to respond to the needs of unit members 24/7, a responsibility I take seriously.

That could mean being called very late any night of the week, on weekends or even in the middle of family time. Responding to those needs of Airmen is my duty, and I love helping and guiding them to overcome the challenges they face.

Prioritizing my time becomes extremely important and I like to be available to each unit I represent as first sergeant. My view of those serving alongside me is that they are an extension of my own family — brothers and sisters-in-arms; therefore, I want to help them in any way possible, and that’s what I get to do each day.

Do you have a mentoring or career tip for Airmen, including those who’d like to be a “first shirt” someday?

Goal setting needs to be included in every Airman’s development planning. Having both professional and personal goals provides both a vector and a timeline for success. Working with your supervisor to set these goals should be done during each feedback session. Break down each goal into practical milestones with a desired deadline. That will keep you on track and help to prioritize daily activities by asking yourself, “How does this bring me closer to my goal?”

If an Airman is interested in becoming a first sergeant, they should begin by having a conversation with their “shirt.” My journey began years before putting on the diamond. Seeing firsthand the good that can come from the position sparked my interest. Attending the First Sergeant Symposium gave valuable insight into our role, and as a supervisor, provided useful skills to employ while helping others.

What’s your favorite part of being a first sergeant and why?

We support families of deployed members, help those affected by a death and join with supporting agencies such as Mental Health, Family Advocacy, SAPR or chaplains to support our Airmen in need. These difficult times can be where the first sergeant makes a lasting impression, and I want that to be both positive and meaningful.

When negative things happen or poor choices have been made, I enjoy mentoring and showing how things can change for the better. It is very rewarding to witness an Airman grow and make changes in their life. Guiding and mentoring Airmen to make better decisions is what I love most.