Spotlight: Kelly Neal, GS Civilian

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  • By Kelly Neal
  • 88th Dental Squadron


Name and rank: Kelly Neal, GS Civilian

Units of assignment: 88th Dental Squadron

What do you do at Wright-Patt? I am a Unit Program Coordinator for the 88th Dental Squadron. I assist the commander as an administrative assistant for the squadron. Some key duties include assisting the commander in the management of all admin support program functions. I prepare and maintain required administrative reports and other correspondence. I also assist the commander in accomplishing all necessary internal operations to include administrative training, security, development of organizational operating instructions and regulations, and personnel assistance.

Why are you and your job important to the Air Force and Wright-Patterson AFB? As a Unit Program Coordinator, I ensure all members throughout the squadron are taken care of from an administrative perspective.  Without a Unit Program Coordinator, the mission would not run smoothly. As a liaison for the squadron, my job is important to communicate in making sure all tasks, programs, and administrative needs are completed in a timely manner. When this is done, the 88th Dental Squadron can operate successfully and we can provide the best care for our patients and ensure the human warfighter is ready to deploy at a moments notice.