Lead by example with financial donations, volunteerism

  • Published
  • By Edmund H. Moore
  • 2022 Dayton District Chair Combined Federal Campaign

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- 2021 was the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic that, thankfully, we appear to be coming out of, albeit with some bruises and scars.

Personally, I led an adult Sunday school class online with a team of teachers for most of 2020, all of 2021 and into this year. During that time, many of us experienced loneliness, illness, a lack of physical touch, mental-health issues, product scarcity in the marketplace, child and elder-care problems, deaths and other forms of insecurity.

In 2021, I was given an opportunity to be vice chair for the Combined Federal Campaign’s Dayton District, which covers all military and civilian personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, federal agencies in the surrounding seven counties and the region’s retirees. It proved to be a great privilege for me to learn more about various charities and how they help our local community, as well as globally.

Through our personal efforts, we make our communities a better place for our families to live. At the same time, CFC availed opportunities for each of us to donate our time and financial resources to charities of interest. Personally, I supported five financially and volunteered with a few charitable organizations in my community.

Last year, I also had the honor of leading our CFC kickoff online (ZoomGov webinar) at WPAFB and off base at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. Despite the limitations to reach people in person, we strived to perform the campaign with excellence in all that we do.

The last non-virtual CFC kickoff was hosted at Wright State University’s Nutter Center in 2019. My hope is we can return to an in-person kickoff and other CFC activities this year.

The CFC loaned executives, campaign managers and key workers are vital to a successful 2022 campaign. With more workers on WPAFB in 2022, we should strive to exceed the $3 million annual contributions from the 2015-2018 time frame with 100% contact. I urge all military and civilian employees within the WPAFB community and surrounding counties to seek service before self.

In that vein, my request is that those who volunteer as loaned executives, campaign managers and key workers seek to serve the broader community with purpose and integrity. This campaign deserves volunteers interested in community versus being volunteered or “voluntold.”

Through my CFC involvement, I’ve had an opportunity to work with senior leaders at Wright-Patterson AFB and dedicated loaned executives. Due to the pandemic, I’ve collaborated with campaign managers and key workers to a lesser extent. I have also worked with in-person charities through our kickoff programs and a charitable golf outing.

Every year, these charities address food and clothing insecurity, mental health, housing needs, animal or pet welfare, those affected by natural disasters, environmental concerns, counseling and a bevy of other issues.

In 2021, Ohio CFC raised over $1.75 million, which includes more than $770,000 from Dayton District. Local charities also received 2,265 volunteer hours. Online CFC transactions increased 90%.

The 2021 Beanstalk Award winner among small agencies, which recognizes exceptional campaign growth, was the Social Security Administration of Dayton. Air Force Material Command and the Air Force Research Laboratory earned the “Show Must Go On” Award. It honors the campaign that put together the most inspirational “outstanding event.”

We hope to see even more impressive accomplishments, goals and contributions from individuals, organizations and charities alike during the 2022 CFC campaign.

Many of us in the federal workforce were spared much of the pandemic’s economic impacts. We were able to telework, remain employed and, in numerous cases, avoid the cost of dry cleaning and travel. We had an opportunity to spend more time with our children and even pay off bills.

As we return to our offices, let’s keep that in mind during this fall’s 2022 CFC campaign and use it as a tax-deductible opportunity to give to the community. In addition, if you can, let us strive to give online versus the paper pledges. Just know there are good people working together to make our world a better place, and we can help them with a CFC contribution.

For more information on CFC, its volunteer charities and how you can get involved, visit ohiocfc.givecfc.org.

At the end of the day, when we each look at ourselves in the mirror, we should be able to say that we helped others through CFC to become whole during their life’s journey.