Be ready for end of daylight saving time

  • Published
  • By Eric T. Hoehn
  • 88th Air Base Wing

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Those of us who remember will dutifully ensure our clocks are adjusted back one hour Nov. 7 with the departure of daylight savings time for another year.

It has been suggested there is some correlation between the hour of sleep lost and an elevated incidence and severity of workplace mishaps the first Monday after this adjustment. True or not, it is certain the morning drive to work will be better illuminated and the evening will come more quickly.

As drivers and recreational participants, we all must be cognizant of visibility fading faster each day by using reflective outer garments and exercising heightened caution. We must also be especially focused on situational awareness for those of us who do not make the transition toward being visually conspicuous as quickly as we might hope — especially children.

Try to go to bed early Sunday night to offset any performance-eroding fatigue issues and be on the lookout for each other as evening approaches.