Focus Week Registration open for courses offered Jan. 22-25

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  • By Amy Rollins
  • Skywrighter Staff
Registration for the first Focus Week of 2019, scheduled for Jan. 22-25 at the 88th Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, will continue until the day before each course is held.

This Focus Week spotlights performance improvement for both the individual and organization. A wide variety of class subjects will be conducted throughout the week, making it possible for individuals to improve present performance and contribute to future career aspirations.

Two new classes include:

• Action Officer (Basic) – Students will receive the knowledge and skills to be able to identify the tools needed to operate as an action officer and be able to use written communication tools to meet unit operational standards in a timely manner.
• The Power of Outlook – Microsoft Outlook has many powerful features that make it a go-to application for users. Students will learn tips and tricks on how to navigate the Outlook interface, manage email communications, contact information, calendar events, tasks and notes.
Other courses include:
• 8-Step Problem Solving – Provides a basic knowledge of the 8-Step Problem Solving Process which is becoming the standard methodology for addressing problems and opportunities for improvement.
• Colors Personality: Helps students discover your values, understanding how you can get along better with others and have a clearer understanding of a person’s approach and preference in their work and personal life.
• Emotional Intelligence: A Different Way of Being Smart – Explore a different way of thinking about intelligence and how it can strengthen personal and professional lives.
• Fundamentals of Team Building – Provides definition and mission of teams, explains guidelines of building effective teams.
• Taking Control of Email – Provides basic information required to set up a formal email/task management system by learning a better way to use Outlook. It will reveal common productivity traps and solutions.

Registration is open to all 88 ABW employees, both military and civilian. The wider Wright-Patterson AFB audience is encouraged to attend as space allows.

To register via MyETMS (Education and Training Management System), go to Click on the self-registration tab. A tutorial is provided on the MyETMS home page for first-time users. Search 88 ABW and go.

For more information, contact Barry Cumberland, human resources specialist, 88th Force Support Squadron Workforce Development, at 904-4799, or

AFLCMC Focus Week registration open

The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Winter Focus Week sessions will take place Jan. 22-25.

Registration is available for most courses via the Acquisition Now Continuous Learning (CL) website, however additional courses offerings may become available as Focus Week approaches. Search for course offerings by going to, click on “Apply for a CL Event” and search under AFLCMC Focus Week. A more detailed course catalog will be distributed via email to employees or can be obtained by emailing the AFLCMC Focus Week POC at