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711th Human Performance Wing focuses on the Base Operational Medicine Clinic

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- Management of the Base Operational Medicine Clinic effort has transferred from the Air Force Medical Service to the 711th Human Performance Wing, part of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

The transition brings a reinvigorated focus and an acquisition process approach, according to Brig. Gen. Mark Koeniger, 711 HPW commander.

“The 711th is enthusiastic about taking on the BOMC mission and providing the AFMS with a streamlined approach to medical clearances, thereby increasing Airmen availability for commanders,” he said.

This shift in management responsibility represents a new focus area for the AFMS, according to Maj. Shawnee Williams, chief of the Wing’s HSI Analysis Division, where program management resides.

“We are implementing inputs from the field, working on strategic and timely communication, and codifying the focus of BOMC,” she said.

The Human Performance Wing was charged with bringing consistency to Aerospace and Operational Medicine within the framework of BOMC. Airmen who visit medical treatment facilities are required to undergo periodic health assessments mandated by Congress. Previously, each facility within the Air Force had a slightly different process to accomplish the same task, resulting in multiple ways to complete the overall requirement. This effort emphasizes consistency in process workflow and training, and it encourages continuous process improvement, thereby ensuring compliance with the law and a predictable experience for patients.

“The end result of the transition and reinvigoration of BOMC is what’s so important,” said Williams. “The focus is to ensure maximum utilization and readiness of personnel, while preserving their health and minimizing risk of further injury or illness. This, in turn, decreases spin-up time for deploying personnel and reduces the likelihood of having to divert personnel at the last minute after determining a member is not able to deploy or transition to a new assignment.”

While the foundation of BOMC’s product lines are aligned with congressionally-mandated policy, the Airmen required to undergo exams and the medics delivering those exams need to have the tools to make medical visits worthwhile. The goal is that standardization will help deliver a quality product and make it easier for medics to execute the exams Congress has mandated. An added benefit for the Airmen receiving the exams and the medics delivering the care is they will both know what to expect.

As part of its management role, the Wing has recommended policy updates and modified the roll out of future product lines to include the suspension of spot checks, checkrides, and audits until additional manpower is programmed for. They are also researching the automation of processes, such as records review and cycle time tracking, to alleviate the administrative burden on the field. A sustainment function was also stood up to continually address products that have been released. This includes reviewing policy updates, gathering continuous process improvement suggestions, and interacting frequently with the medical treatment facilities and major commands for refined solutions.

For more information, contact the 711th Human Performance Wing’s Human Systems Integration Directorate at 711HPW.HPA.Org@us.af.mil.