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Equal Opportunity office works with IDS to create positive communication

  • Published
  • By Elizabeth Clinch
  • 88th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - The Integrated Delivery System is a team of helping agencies working together to create a comprehensive support system for total force Airmen. As a member of the IDS, the Equal Opportunity office works to end discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disabilities, genetic information and although not a form of discrimination, sexual harassment.

“In the workforce, we all come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnic groups, yet we all have a role in the big picture when it comes to mission readiness and organization effectiveness,” says Stephanie Lee, equal opportunity director, 88th Air Base Wing, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The EO office works with commanders, directors and first sergeants regarding the importance of their roles in the EO program, which is to help promote a proactive approach in establishing and creating an inclusive work environment for our Airmen.

“They [commanders, directors and first sergeants] play a vital role in the EO program. They have a huge part in the climates of their unit. They have the ability to identify if something is going on so a proactive step can be taken,” said Tech. Sgt. Friederike Cavier, EO, NCOIC

In addition to putting an emphasis on proactive approach, the IDS also allows participating agencies to track and identify trending problems and find ways to counter these problems collaboratively.

“It has been a positive force, and helped us assist our commanders by informing them of trends, analysis, and indicators if there is a trend  of constant discrimination,” said Lee.

Many times, Airmen aren’t sure where to turn for support when they find themselves in crisis situations. To combat this, IDS aims to put support systems in place beforehand.

“What we are trying to do is establish positive communication with all of our IDS programs,” said Lee. “Not every concern we see in the EO office is addressed as a complaint; there are individuals who want to just come to us and speak candidly about their concerns.”

The helping agencies of IDS rely on each other to provide comprehensive support to Airmen.

“Being a part of the IDS, it gives me a chance to communicate with other helping agencies across the installation, to ensure a better understanding of their various programs and how to better serve our clients,” Lee said.