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LAIRCM program moves to ACS Directorate

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – In an effort to more closely align with other defensive systems, the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures program also known as LAIRCM, recently transitioned to the Agile Combat Support Directorate’s Electronic Warfare and Avionics Division.

Previously, LAIRCM was in the Mobility Directorate, where it supported a variety of aircraft in and outside the portfolio by providing a counter measure system against shoulder fired and heat seeking missiles.

Being aligned under Mobility was beneficial for the program due to the integration activity required between it and platforms in the directorate said Lt. Col. Christopher LaPietra, deputy program manager for LAIRCM. But he added, as LAIRCM matured, it became a better fit for the Electronic Warfare and Avionics Division.

“From a programmatic sense, and technological capability sense we are much closer aligned to the other systems in our new organization,” said LaPietra. “So we are combining with like capabilities, and like systems, and the benefit of that is we can look to our left and right for examples of how you handle some of the challenges we have.”

Within Agile Combat Support, the LAIRCM program office will continue to upgrade and make improvements to the system.

“As technology develops, as modernization requirements develop, we gradually improve the system, LaPietra said. “When you think about the mission set of our system, being good yesterday doesn’t help us be successful tomorrow. The threat is always changing and evolving.”