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  • X-51A flight planned May 25

    Weather permitting, Air Force officials said the X-51A Waverider will make its first hypersonic flight test attempt Tuesday, May 25, after it's released by a B-52 bomber off the southern California coast.The unmanned X-51A is expected to fly autonomously for five minutes, powered by a supersonic combustion ramjet or scramjet engine, accelerating to
  • Air Force chief of staff visits School of Aerospace Medicine

    The Air Force's top uniformed officer toured the 711th Human Performance Wing's U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine at Brooks City-Base, Texas, May 13.During his visit, the general reflected on the 92-year history of the school and the unique training and education accomplished by the staff to create medical experts who care for air and
  • AFOSR Researcher Selected to Receive 2010 Clayton J. Thomas Award

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research-funded researcher, Dr. Gerald G. Brown, a distinguished professor from the Operations Research Department at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. has been selected the Military Operations Research Society's Clayton J. Thomas Award winner for 2010."I have been fortunate to have known a number of
  • Human Effectiveness Directorate Studies Effects of Live Vs. Simulator JTAC Training

    The Air Force Research Laboratory, 711th Human Performance Wing, Human Effectiveness Directorate's Warfighter Readiness Research Division in Mesa, Ariz. believes it has found one of the most ideal testing sites for its Joint Terminal Attack Controller virtual training dome - the Grayling Air Gunnery Range in Alpena, Mich.The JTAC virtual training
  • Human Performance Wing's Fatigue Research Targets the Brain

    Researchers from the Air Force Research Laboratory's 711th Human Performance Wing's Human Effectiveness Directorate, or 711 HPW/RH, and the Kettering Innovation Center are moving into a state-of-the-art phase of fatigue research that aims to shed light on identifying people who are fatigue resistant and those who are not. In the latest study,
  • Environmentally-Safe Fuel Cells May Emerge from Air Force Funded MIT Research

    MIT researchers are exploring a new technology funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the National Science Foundation, which they call a thermopower wave, that may convert chemical energy to fuel cells for micro-machines, sensors and emergency communication beacons.The technology is already generating attention because it is
  • Improving UAVs Using Holographic Adaptive Optics

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research-supported holographic, adaptive, optics research may help transform software into computer-free, electronics for unmanned aerial vehicles, high energy lasers and free-space optical communications that will enable each to run faster and more efficiently than before.Dr. Geoff Andersen, senior researcher at the
  • Treating Battlefield Injuries with Light-Activated Technology

    Airmen's traumatic battlefield injuries may be more effectively treated by using a new light-activated technology developed as a result of research managed by Air Force Office of Scientific Research and supported by funds from the Office of the Secretary of Defense. This new treatment for war injuries includes using a process or technology called
  • PECASE Award Winner's Research Likely to Improve Commercial Technologies

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research-sponsored scientist, Dr. Rashid Zia is leading cutting-edge research to enhance higher order emission processes in lanthanide ions.Lanthanide ions are currently used as leading light emitters in applications ranging from color television and fluorescent lighting to solid-state laser systems. Zia's
  • Researchers Seeking Better Use of Aircraft, Personnel and Fuel

    Air Force Office of Scientific Research-funded Colorado State University researchers are trying to solve computationally difficult problems related to logistics planning, vehicle routing, resource allocation, circuit design, wireless frequency assignment and scheduling.Dr. Adele Howe and co-researcher, Dr. Darrell Whitley are passionate about