AFLCMC transitions to new acquisitions management program

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- In an effort to consolidate and streamline acquisition processes, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is transitioning to the One Acquisition Solution for Services (OASIS) Small Business Program, for support in securing professional service needs.

OASIS will be used by AFLCMC's Engineering and Professional Administrative Support Services (EPASS) office, to hire contractors for services the center needs, including engineering, financial management, transportation, construction and repair work.

The program, which is administered by the U.S General Services Administration, will manage a pool of 40 small businesses, which will compete for up to $5 billion in AFLCMC contracts at center locations nationwide over the next five years.

OASIS will promote and improve efficiency within acquisitions by consolidating all of the center's service needs into fewer and larger task orders and in the process, eliminate redundant requirements and contracts.

"There are a lot of different options for obtaining the professional services we need to be successful at our jobs," said Kevin Keck, Strategic Services portfolio manager in AFLCMC. "OASIS will be the program used to acquire all AFLCMC services regardless of location. It allows us to effectively manage our resources by reducing the sheer number of service contracts we have from more than 250 to as few as 30."

Keck added that other benefits are that OASIS will allow AFLCMC to acquire services faster as well as provide greater flexibility in the movement of contract employees between center offices and organizations spread across multiple locations, all of which can be supported by a single/common contractor team.

According to Patsy Reeves, AFLCMC executive director, the program is a 'game changer'.

"The award of this contract was part of our six strategic objectives of the year," said Reeves. "OASIS allows us to obtain the crucial services we need, more efficiently, while partnering with outstanding small businesses nationwide."