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AcqDemo implementation nears

AcqDemo implementation targeted for June 12.

AcqDemo implementation targeted for June 12.

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- The final steps to implement AcqDemo across the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center are under way, leading to the targeted June 12 conversion date. 

The conversion to AcqDemo will be rolled out Air Force Materiel Command-wide and mainly impact non-bargaining employees.

"This is a great benefit to our people and our organization. It supports your personal and professional growth, and it promotes fairness in the appraisal system along with properly compensating your contributions to the mission," Lt. Gen. John F. Thompson, AFLCMC commander said in a town hall meeting dedicated to this topic. 

AcqDemo is a contribution based system that provides an effective and flexible method for assessing and compensating the workforce on the basis of their contribution to the mission of the organization, rather than on the basis of the amount of work accomplished and job longevity. It differs from the current GS system and prior NSPS system in that instead of basing the appraisal on how well a specified job is done (i.e. performance), the appraisal is based on the job done well (i.e. contribution). It is based on the value of the job to the mission of the organization.

For those converting to AcqDemo, their current GS performance period will end June 11, and they will enter into the AcqDemo Contribution-Based Compensation and Appraisal System (CCAS) effective June 12, according to an Air Force Materiel Command news release.

The first CCAS cycle for new AcqDemo employees will end Sept. 30, 2016. During this cycle, only the contributions that occurred during this timeframe will be evaluated, according to the release. Guidance on AcqDemo contribution planning for the first CCAS appraisal cycle will be forthcoming. After the initial cycle into AcqDemo, the standard CCAS period will be Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

Recognizing the significant angst that can be produced by such a transition, the AFLCMC AcqDemo Team has collected a large amount of information, including responses to all the Town Hall questions and videos of the entire presentation on SharePoint at https://cs.eis.afmc.af.mil/sites/PerMan/acqdemo/default.aspx

Specifically to Wright-Patterson, training sessions for affected employees and supervisors have been conducted to ensure personnel are knowledgeable of the new systems. Additional self-paced training is available on the AFLCMC AcqDemo SharePoint site listed above. 

Online CCAS training for employees and supervisors can be found at http://acqdemo.hci.mil/training.html. In the training, employees and supervisors are introduced to the CCAS software CAS2NET, which is an online reporting system for CCAS. It is important to note that CAS2NET accounts will automatically be generated after conversion so there is no need to initiate the request for an account, according to the AFMC release.