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Twelve AFLCMC employees graduate from EEP

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. – Twelve Air Force Life Cycle Management Center Logistics Directorate employees at Tinker Air Force Base, recently graduated from the base’s Employee Enhancement Program.


The program was conducted over the course of a year, with participants meeting twice a month for briefings, tours, workshops and communication, teamwork and leadership training.


The EEP was started in 1998 to provide Tinker Air Force Base employees with the tools needed to become better workers, leaders, supervisors, and managers and increase their knowledge and understanding of the base and the Tinker Complex.


“EEP was a stepping stone to understanding teamwork on a grand scale,” said Keith Williams, a program manager with the Legacy Tankers Division and an EEP graduate. “Anyone who desires to be a successful leader at Tinker AFB should know what the complete infrastructure is all about. What stood out most (during the program) is how varying organizations on Tinker come together in one way or another to consistently produce the world’s most amazing aircraft. Keeping the warfighter ready to engage in any type of situation down range. I’m proud to be part of such an amazing team."


Currently, EEP is managed by the 72nd FSS Training Office. The program is limited to self-nominated civilian participants grades GS-9 through GS-12 and WG-10 through WG-14.


AFLCMC graduates are as follows:


Mary Martin, Legacy Tanker Division
Sue Changfang, Propulsion Sustainment Division, International Engines
Fernando Browning, E-3 Sustainment Division
Gerri Dantzler, Propulsion Sustainment Division
Keith Williams, Legacy Tanker Division, Foreign Military Sales
Clint Thornton, Propulsion Sustainment Division
Matthew Tonay, Mobility Directorate
Melissa Alford, Fighters and Bombers Directorate
Robert Horn, Fighters and Bombers Directorate
Julia Stewart, Fighters and Bombers Directorate
Judy Stafford, Fighters and Bombers Directorate
Angela Nix, Fighters and Bombers Directorate