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711th HPW CrestThe 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW) is a unique combination of three units: the Airman Systems Directorate (RH), the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) and the Human Systems Integration Directorate (HP). The synergies of combining the ideas, resources and technologies of these units position the 711 HPW as a world leader in the study and advancement of human performance.

711 HPW Leadership

Brig. Gen. Mark Koeniger
  Mr. Michael Newman
  Dr. Rajesh Naik
Brig. Gen. Mark

  Mr. Darryl
Vice Director
  Mr. Michael

Director of Staff
  Dr. Rajesh Naik
Chief Scientist

About the 711 HPW

The 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW), headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, is the first human-centric warfare wing to consolidate human performance research, education and consultation under a single organization. Established under the Air Force Research Laboratory, the 711 HPW is comprised of the Airman Systems Directorate (RH), the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) and the Human Systems Integration Directorate (HP). The Wing delivers unparalleled capability to the Air Force through a combination of world class infrastructure and expertise of its diverse workforce of military, civilian and contractor personnel encompassing 75 occupational specialties including science and engineering, occupational health and safety, medical professions, technicians, educators, and business operations and support.

To be a world leader for human performance. 

To advance human performance in air, space, and cyberspace through research, education, and consultation. The Wing supports the most critical Air Force resource – the Airman of our operational military forces. The Wing’s primary focus areas are aerospace medicine, Human Effectiveness Science and Technology, and Human Systems Integration. In conjunction with the Naval Medical Research Unit – Dayton and surrounding universities and medical institutions, the 711 HPW functions as a Joint Department of Defense Center of Excellence for human performance sustainment and readiness, optimization, readiness.

711 HPW Mission Units

The 711 HPW accomplishes its mission through three distinct but complementary mission units and an integrated staff located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH. In addition, the Wing includes about a dozen smaller operating locations within the United States and internationally.

AIRMAN SYSTEMS DIRECTORATE – RH provides science and leading-edge technology to define Airman capabilities, vulnerabilities, and effectiveness; train warfighters; integrate operators and weapon systems; protect Air Force personnel; and sustain aerospace operations. The Directorate is the heart of Airman-centered science and technology for the Air Force. RH has variety of positions that operate programs and focuses on four Core Technical Competencies: Training, Decision Making, Bioeffects, and Human-Centered Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

USAF SCHOOL OF AEROSPACE MEDICINE – USAFSAM is the premier institute for research, education, and worldwide operational consultation in Aerospace Medicine. USAFSAM has guided the advancement of aerospace medicine and human performance from the beginnings of aviation through the onset of the space age and into the present, and is the oldest continually operating institution of its kind. It is also host to the largest aeromedical library in the world.  

HUMAN SYSTEMS INTEGRATION DIRECTORATE – HP provides the Air Force with subject matter expertise in Human Systems Integration to ensure weapons systems are designed, developed, or adapted with human capabilities and limitations in mind. Major areas of emphasis include a human-centered approach to capability requirements definition and development planning, embedded HSI practitioners in MAJCOM requirements offices (A5), embedded practitioner support and reach-back support to System Program Offices, and expanded support to AF Medical Service (AFMS). HP expertise helps the Air Force achieve mission effectiveness with affordable life cycles. 

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What started by loading a patient into a rickety biplane has evolved to serve a fleet of flying hospitals and more. The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine’s School of Air Evacuation will celebrate its 75th anniversary August 2 and 3. https://go.usa.gov/xU5wV
Dr. Michael Hayduk of the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) discusses ways the Department of Defense may use quantum science technology in the future. https://bit.ly/2NV4mXr
AFRL’s Jason Wolf, an industry-academia expert on a critical Air Force alloy, has been recognized as one of the “30 individuals under the age of 30 who are leading the manufacturing industry into the future.” https://bit.ly/2zJYIUR
#OTD in 1975, Russians and Americans met in orbit for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Mission, setting the stage for decades of international cooperation in space. It was the last landmark flight of AFRL legend Gen. Tom Stafford’s storied career.
Thank you to our friends at the University of Utah for making our Air Force Science and Technology 2030 Initiative visit such a success. More than 200 educators, scientists and others met in brainstorming sessions to identify ideas for research. #AF2030" target="_blank">https://bit.ly/2NYihvS #AF2030</a>
#OTD AFRL research into radar, wing design, avionics and Stealth took to the air on July 17, 1989, when the Northrop B-2 Spirit made its first flight -- a two-hour sortie from U.S. Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale, Calif., to Edwards Air Force Base. Northrop test pilot Bruce Hinds and Col. Richard S. Couch, the B-2 Combined Test Force director, flew the “stealth” bomber. This marked the first time that a flying wing aircraft had flown over the Mojave Desert in nearly four decades.
We have awarded a nearly $25 million contract to Altamira Technologies to develop next-generation radio frequency (RF) sensing technologies for contested and congested spectrum environments. https://bit.ly/2JbJirT
An AFRL-developed mobile-based communications system is giving defenders at Eglin AFB almost immediate situational awareness in their security duties. https://go.usa.gov/xU969
The Autism at Work Initiative is creating hiring opportunities on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for people with autism. The program has welcomed its first 20 interns from Wright State. https://bit.ly/2mkwCq1
We captured this lightning strike and our 1,000th idea for the future of United States Air Force science and technology last week at The University of Utah. Add your idea: www.afresearchlab.com/2030. #AF2030
Congratulations to Wright State University engineering students Trevor Nartker and Ivan Frasure, recipients of Department of Defense SMART scholarships. They will join us at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) after completing their SMART-funded master’s degrees in computer engineering. https://bit.ly/2Lcg7a7
Dr. Katie Thorp recently won the Society of Women Engineers Prism award for her outstanding professional achievements, dedicated leadership and influential community service. Just one day after the announcement, she lost her long battle with cancer. Thorp worked for the Air Force for 26 years. Most recently, she served as a research lead within AFRL’s Materials & Manufacturing Directorate at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Throughout her career, she led fellow scientists in discovering groundbreaking solutions, developing innovative technologies and delivering new aerospace materials. Thorp’s passion for science and engineering guided her path in life. She was an accomplished researcher, a leader in numerous professional societies and an advocate for STEM outreach programs. Her life epitomizes the revolutionary spirit of AFRL. She will be greatly missed by her extended AFRL family, though her legacy will continue to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.
The. U.S. Air Force recently awarded two companies nearly $900 million to produce a new, advanced bunker buster bomb. AFRL contributed several technologies to the new munition including an improved warhead design, reduced cost high-strength steel, a redesigned fuse well, and a co-patented device that arms the fuse while preserving the structural integrity of the warhead. https://bit.ly/2LbMnKA
We are partnering with the University of Cincinnati to craft a carbon nanotube “smart” fabric that one day may allow your clothing to power electronic devices. https://bit.ly/2KY8K9r
Summer interns in the Sensors Directorate start doing important work right away. https://go.usa.gov/xUkDF
Electronics can generate a lot of heat. We are helping to fund research in Illinois and Texas of a crystal-growing process that offers the promise of cooler devices. https://bit.ly/2NF1YUE
How can you know where you are if something happens to the GPS system? We’re using cold atoms to create hot tech to answer that question. https://bit.ly/2JgVkAB
#TBT The XNBL-1 “Barling Bomber” -- the largest U.S. plane of its era – was tested by one of AFRL’s predecessor organizations in Ohio in the 1920s. It was not considered a success, but it did point the way to the development of the B-17s and B-29s used during World War II. https://bit.ly/2Ji5K2M
Hap and Ted did a lot of listening to big ideas at The University of Utah this week! What’s your idea science or innovative business process idea? We want to know: www.afresearchlab.com/2030. #AF2030 #HapAndTedsExcellentAdventure
We’re helping to develop technologies and transition processes to improve the cyber resiliency of hundreds of Air Force weapon systems, including aerial refueling planes, fighter jets and inertial navigation systems. https://bit.ly/2lSU7pW
Have a safe, data-rich climb, Kevin. #AFRLSummit https://t.co/rKVoooRzij
Did you know science could be this cool? Check out AF @AFResearchLab to see what you might be interested in helping… https://t.co/ROZHz7Cnuf
711HPW's very own Kevin Schmidt off to gather human performance data as he climbs Mt. Aconcagua #AFRLsummit https://t.co/MnQ4s3Bkb3
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