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AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate (RQ)

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The Aerospace Systems Directorate brings together world-class facilities including a fuels research facility, structural testing labs, compressor research facility, rocket testing facilities, supersonic and subsonic wind tunnels, flight simulation lab, and many other cutting-edge research labs.

Among the technologies in development in the Aerospace Systems Directorate are scramjet engines, alternative fuels, unmanned vehicles, hypersonic vehicles, collision avoidance and aircraft energy optimization.

AFRL/RQ Videos

Photo of propulsion system AFRL's Air Vehicles Directorate and Propulsion Directorate have merged to create the Aerospace Systems Directorate.
Scientist in a labe with comptuers behind him AFRL recently unveiled a new facility that promises to help unlock the potential of new fuel sources for military and commercial use.
Scientist conducting experiments in a laboratory AFRL offers public and private sector partners a unique opportunity to produce alternative fuels. 
Plan dropping supplies to battlefield in the desert For combat troops, air drop is a lifeline for survival.  As the need increases so does the need for targeted accurate delivery.

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