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  The Air Force Technology Transfer (T2) Program was created to ensure Air Force science and engineering activities are transferred or intentionally shared with state and local governments, academia and industry. The exchange of knowledge, expertise, equipment, and testing facilities leverages the Department of Defense (DoD) research and development investment.

The Air Force T2 Program office is located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. 

Air Force Mission: fly, fight and win... in Air, Space and Cyberspace  

T2 Leadership

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Joe Gordon
T2 Program Manager
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Available Air Force Facilities


Through technology transfer agreements, it’s possible to partner with the Air Force to use unique, state-of-the-art testing facilities. Many facilities can be accessed directly by commercial companies and universities through T2 agreements. At other facilities Air Force personnel can conduct testing on behalf of the agreement partner. There are many possibilities. This list is a snapshot of the facilities across the Air Force that can be accessed through Technology Transfer agreements. To learn more, please call (937) 904-9830.

711th Human Performance Wing
All Facilities List

Aerospace Systems
All Facilities List

Directed Energy
Starfire Optical Range
Laser Weapons Systems
High Power Electromagnetics
Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing

Information Directorate
All Facilities List

Materials and Manufacturing Directorate
Laser Hardened Materials Evaluation Laboratory
Low Pressure Kinetic Ablation Testing
Material Characterization Facility

Sensors Directorate
Indoor/Outdoor Ranges

Space Vehicles
Advanced Research Collaboration and Application Development Environment (ARCADE)
Imaging Sensor Characterization Laboratory
Infrared Radiation Effects Laboratory (IRREL)
Spacecraft Performance Analytics and Computing Environment Research (SPACER)


Success Stories

New Jersey Company Commercializes Air Force Technology for the Warfighter

Air Force Partners with University of Illinois for Munitions Research

Air Force Agreement will Result in New Product for Recording Missions

Agreement allows Air Force to Provide a Boost to Local School Districts

Air Force and MIT-LL Further Waveform Development through Partnership

Air Force Agreement Provides Hands-on Lab Experience for Thurgood Marshall College Fund Scholars

AFRL Shares AgilePod Data With Industry to Further Development

Air Force Looking to Additive Manufacturing to Expand Hypersonic Flight Capabilities

AFRL Green Monopropellant Licensed to Nevada Small Business

Advanced Navigation System Developed through Air Force Agreement

AFRL Agreement will Further Non-contact Inspection Method Developments

Air Force Teams with Industry to Further Aircraft and Radome Coating Research

30th Space Wing Partners with Discovery Museum to Create Space Launch Exhibit

Aerospace Systems Directorate Uses Educational Partnerships to Further STEM Program

World’s Largest Launched Amateur Rocket Built Through Air Force Educational Partnership Agreement

Air Force Partnership with Industry Sparks a More Robust STEM Internship Program

Air Force Patent license Could Lead to Natural Fiber Automotive Components

Commander’s Challenge Active Shooter Technology Licensed by New Small Business

AFRL Shares UAV Software to Further Research

AFRL Agreement Aimed at Protecting Public from UAS Noise

AFRL Material Transfer Agreement Leads to International Research Grant with Australia

Air Force and Michigan State University Research Results in Programmable MEMs Developments

AFRL Scientists Provide Technical Expertise, Consulting to Local Company Developing Technologies for Physicians

Endpoint Cybersecurity Technology Deployed through Air Force CRADA

Information Transfer Agreement Enables AFRL Software Sharing with Industry

Air Force Agreement Provides Educational Opportunities to Local Community

Air Force Partnership with University Enables 3D Technology Research

Air Force Partners With Rio Grande Neurosciences on Transcranial Stimulation Research

Air Force Agreement Helps Small Business Compete in the General Aviation Industry 

Monitoring Technology for Weapon Systems is One Goal of New AFRL Agreement

Air Force Supports Improved Method for Transporting Traumatic Brain Injury Patients 

Air Force Agreement allows Ionospheric research to continue 

Air Force Partners With Athletes and Coaches for Evaluation of Stress and Development of Recovery Methods

Air Force Agreement Enables Collaboration on Aircraft Anti-Icing Technology 

Air Force Signs First-Ever CRADA for the Non-DoD Military Aircraft Office

USAFSAM Working to Help Battlefield Airmen Beat the Heat

PIA-Purdue Research Foundation 

Educational Partnership Agreement Provides Collaboration Opportunities

Life-Saving Wound Treatment Revolutionizes Warfighter and Civilian Care 

AFTAC Agreement Aims to Improve Cloud Computing for Large Data Sets    

USAFSAM to Study Potential Transfer of Novel Viruses via Bed Bugs
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Licensing Opportunity:
Express Licensing Opportunity from the 711th Human Performance Wing!
Licensing Opportunity!
Licensing Opportunity from the US Air Force Academy:
Express Licensing Opportunity: MEMS switch lubricant
Great news from the 711th HPW!
Do you have an innovative technology that you wish you could pitch to US Combatant Command Science and Technology Scouts? Now's your chance! We will be there to help you learn how to partner with the USAF!
Licensing Opportunity:
Licensing Opportunity:
AFRL and DaytonDefense will host the 13th annual Wright Dialogue with Industry (WDI) July 17-19 2018 at the Dayton Convention Center, hope to see you there!
Patent Spotlight:
Licensing Opportunity:
We are all set up at the TRIAD event in Columbus, Ohio. Stop by and see us! #airforce #afrl #smallbusiness
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RT @AFResearchLab: Not your normal fitness wear. This undershirt conducts in-flight monitoring of multiple vital signs for aircrew. Read m…
Licensing Opportunity: CUBEGEN – Get It Right the First Time, Trillion Cell Mesh Generator…
Our summer #newsletter is available! Inside we introduce you to our patent attorneys and do a little bragging on ou…
Licensing Opportunity: Optimized image registration from motion #video via @TechLinkCenter
If you’re at the Air Force Small Business Industry Days, stop by and see us!
Air Force technology is getting back to the warfighter through patent licensing agreements like this.
RT @AFResearchLab: An #Ohio company has put one of our #patents work by creating a way for #warfighters to mark important objects in the fi…
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We’ll be there too!
Today we’re in Huntsville, Alabama attending the National Security Innovation Summit. Great event for small businesses and start-ups!
RT @TechLinkCenter: 🔥 Hot #technology of the day: #AirForce scientists have developed a system for rapid, fully automatic resolution assess…
Licensing Opportunity: Microtesting rig via @TechLinkCenter #afrl
Licensing Opportunity: Durable, water repelling surface materials via @TechLinkCenter #AFRL #AirForce
How the Air Force Takes Tech From R&D to Warfighter Readiness #FoxBusiness
Licensing Opportunity: Information redundancy removal (IRR) software via @TechLinkCenter
Agreement Allows #AirForce to provide a boost to local school district #techtransfer #stem
RT @federallabs: Attn: innovators! Submissions for the #TechConnect Defense Innovation Challenge are due June 29. Get your tech in front of…
Express Licensing Opportunity from the @AFResearchLab’s 711 HPW! Fusing information from multiple target images…
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  T2 Contact Information:
Phone: (937) 904-9830
FAX: (937) 656-5368 



Air Force Small Business Industry Days
Layton, UT
July 31 - Aug 2

Columbus, OH
Aug 12-18

FLC Midwest/Southeast Regional Meeting
Kennedy Space Center, FL
Sep 18-20

Encountering Innovation
Kansas City, KS
Oct 7-13

Defense TechConnect
Tampa, FL
Oct 22-25