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Air Force Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation Office

The Air Force Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation Office is responsible for supporting Air Force Development Planning efforts and conducting experimentation campaigns that will result in planning choices for senior Air Force-level resource decisions.

The 2014 Air Force Studies Board Report on Capability Development highlighted a need for a change in the Air Force. Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, and Secretary of the Air Force, Honorable Deborah Lee James, signed the Air Force Capability Development Charter in May 2016, creating the Capability Development Council, Capability Development Working Group, and Strategic Development Planning & Experimentation office. The SDPE was created as the 10th AFRL Directorate due to the Lab's flexibilities and multi-domain perspectives of air, space, and cyber.

While the SDPE office is established within AFMC for organize, train, & equip considerations, it receives its operational taskings through the Capability Development Council from the CSAF and SECAF.

The office is responsible for tracking the execution of approximately 120 action items from the Air Superiority 2030 Enterprise Capability Collaboration Team (ECCT) as well as facilitating the new Multidomain Command and Control ECCT. There are also four experimentation campaigns in development: Data to Decisions (D2D), Defeat of Agile Intelligent Targets (DAIT), Future Attack Capabilities Experimentation (FACE), and Directed Energy (DE).