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AFPTEF - E-3 Sentry AWACS Antenna Container

AWACS shipping container

AWACS shipping container
The E-3 Antenna Shipping and Storage Container is a sealed, welded aluminum, controlled breathing, reusable container. The container is engineered for the physical and environmental protection of the Antenna during worldwide transportation and storage. The container is constructed of special extrusions, square tubing, aluminum sheets, and aluminum plate. The container is equipped with a rail system which allows the Antenna to be moved by two people in and out of the container with relative ease. The container door is sealed and incorporates both a physical stop to prevent over-compression and a robust silicone gasket for extended life. The container is also equipped with two desiccant ports, one humidity indicator, ten pressure equalizing valves, lifting rings, six door handles, and forklift pockets. The container base is also designed to interface smoothly with aircraft roller systems and the 463L pallet. The interior is also insulated to minimize temperature variation. Container external dimensions are 352.0 inches length, 98.0 inches width, and 99.0 inches height. Container weight with the item in place is 13,000 lbs.

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