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Earth Observing System (EOS) AM-1 Satellite Container

NASA shipping container  
NASA shipping container

The EOS AM-1 Satellite Transportation System Container is a sealed, riveted aluminum, controlled breathing, reusable container. The container is designed for the physical and environmental protection of the satellite during transportation between Valley Forge, PA and Vandenberg AFB, CA. The container consists of a five-sided aluminum cover, which fastens to the center drop section of a modular trailer. The center drop section serves as the base structure of the container and is used to mount the cover, strongback (satellite holding fixture) and contamination frame and bag. The cover is held together using rivets and sealed using a structural adhesive. The container is painted with a special clean room compatible primer and paint. The transportation system controls electric field levels and provides an electro static discharge. It also protects the satellite from shock and vibration, limiting G levels to less than 3.5 in the X direction and less than 2.0 in the Y and Z direction. The transportation system is designed for over the road transport as well as transport aboard a C-5 Galaxy Aircraft.  The fully assembled cover is 31.33 feet in length, 13.33 feet wide, and 11.17 feet tall with a weight of 5,800 lbs.

A specialized lift system was designed to reduce bending loads on the cover and meet other NASA requirements. The lift beam consists of one main beam and four smaller cross beams that allows for an eight-point lift and virtually eliminates any bending loads. The system is 25 feet long and 14.25 feet wide and weighs 7,000 lbs.
Hubble Space Telescope Flight Support System (FSS) Container

Hubble shipping container 

Hubble shipping container
The Hubble Space Telescope FSS Shipping Container is a sealed, controlled breathing, reusable container. The container is an aluminum design that is welded, riveted, and bolted together. The container is engineered for the physical and environmental protection of the FSS during transportation. The container consists of a base and completely removable cover equipped with the special features listed below. The base is an aluminum skid made up of I-beam, sheet, and wide flange H-beams. The base is also equipped with heavy duty lifting rings that can be used to lift the entire loaded container and tie-down rings that interface with the C-5 Galaxy Aircraft. The cover has many special features including two latchable personnel doors, two access ports for instrumentation and data collection, a single weather tight box for attachment of all instrumentation, a HEPA filter Environmental Control System connection port, a return air port, catches for alignment posts, and tag lines to facilitate easy and safe removal of the cover. A silicone rubber gasket and quick release cam-over- center latches create a water tight seal at the base-cover interface. Container external dimensions are 220 inches length, 168 inches width, and 168 inches height.

The FSS is hard-mounted to the base using three attachment points jointly designed by AFPTEF and the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The first two attachment points consist of longeron pillow block clamps mounted to towers that are in turn mounted to the base. The are slotted in the X and Y direction to allow for adjustability. The third attachment point, the keel fixture, is designed to allow for three possible orientations (nominal, in-board, and out-board).

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