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AFPTEF - US Army Missile Command (MICOM) Integrated Sight Unit (ISU) Container

MICOM storage container
MICOM storage container
The MICOM ISU Shipping and Storage Container is a welded aluminum, controlled breathing, reusable container. The base is a one piece skid/double walled base extrusion with integral forklift openings, humidity indicator, pressure equalizing valve, air filling valve and desiccant port for easy replacement of desiccant. A silicone rubber gasket and quick release latches create a seal at the base/lid interface. Stacking pads on the lid provide for stacking of like containers up to 16 feet high. The interior cradle of the container is an aluminum plate and channel structure. Stainless steel pins locate the item in the cradle and steel bar clamps secure the item. This cradle can hold one of three items: the ISU, the ISU with the BELRF, or the IBAS Target Acquisition System (TAS). A second item, named the Commander's Relay, is included with the ISU and ISU with BELRF. It is mounted in the cradle on a contoured saddle and clamped in place by two nylon webbing straps.

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