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USAFSAM - Registrar Division

Mission: To support the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM) by providing accurate and efficient student accounting and statistical data in order to accomplish mission requirements for all USAFSAM courses.

Vision: A dynamic team of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of a highly diverse and cutting edge technical training facility, while striving to provide the best customer service available.

Registrar Leadership

Steven D. Cluxton is Chief of the Registrar Division at USAFSAM. Mr. Cluxton is responsible to execute the USAFSAM TDY-to-School program. He also serves as the quota manager for all courses offered at the school. In addition, he manages day-to-day activities of the Registrar Division.


The primary functions of the Registrar are to build the class schedule, manage and allocate training quotas, and account for USAFSAM students by inputting accurate and timely data into the Air Force Training Management System. In addition, the Registrar processes transcripts and certificates in order to support school and alumni endeavors. 

Training Verification/Transcripts: Verification Request Form
Reporting Instructions: https://etca.randolph.af.mil/
Email the Registrar: USAFSAMRegistrar@us.af.mil

Student Resource Center (SRC)

The SRC staff reserves lodging, coordinates bus transportation, and arranges dining hall access as well as other logistics concerns for over 3,000 students annually. They purchase student instructional materials through the Defense Logistics Agency. They also inventory and issue all student material to include textbooks, student handouts, and instructor material. They schedule and manage classrooms and lecture halls.

Training Coordinators

Training Coordinators work with Air Force Career Field Managers/Consultants, Course Directors, and Instructional Systems Specialists to establish or revise USAFSAM courses. They develop matrices to track metrics for trend analysis of each course and generate reports for USAFSAM, MAJCOM, and Air Force Medical Service leaders for strategic planning and programming. They prepare and coordinate annual training schedules, and other course/student action requests with AETC, MAJCOM Training Requirement Quota Identifiers, and Career Field Managers/Consultants.

Contact Information

Registrar Division
2510 Fifth Street, Bldg 840, Rm W423
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

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Student Resource Center


Training Coordinators



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