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USAFSAM - Registrar Division

Mr. Steven Cluxton is the Division Chief, Registrar Division, Office of the Dean, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine. Mr. Cluxton is responsible for the Registrar functions and the USAFSAM Library Program.

Our Services
● Registrar
  ○Builds class schedules, manages and allocates training quotas, and accounts for USAFSAM students in the Air Force Training Management System 
  ○Produces transcripts and certificates to support graduates

● Scheduler
  ○Gathers requirements from AFMS users and coordinates with quota manager to establish annual course schedules
  ○Manages student scheduling for nearly one third of USAFSAM courses
  ○Ensures scheduled members receive timely, accurate notifications of scheduled training

●Training Coordinator
  ○Collaborates with Air Force Career Field Managers/Consultants, Course Directors, and Instructional Systems Specialists (ISS) to establish or revise USAFSAM courses
  ○Track and trend course utilization data to guide strategic planning and programming
  ○Prepare and coordinate annual training schedules, and other course/student action requests with AETC, MAJCOM
  ○Identifies Training Requirement Quotas, and Career Field Managers/Consultants

● Training Technician
  ○Performs system transactions to establish course schedule used by quota manager and schedulers in allocation/sub-allocation processes
  ○Accounts for USAFSAM students in the Air Force Training Management System/Student Information System
  ○Coordinates transportation
  ○Arranges dining for more than 1,000 students annually
  ○Screens prerequisite requirements for all courses

Contact Information
Registrar Division
2510 Fifth Street, Bldg. 840, Rm W423
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

Division Chief - 938-3233
Team Lead - 938-2811

Registrar – 938-2809
Training Coordinator, 938-2879

Training Coordinator - 938-2810
Scheduler - 938-2808
Training Technician - 938-3307
Training Technician – 938-3170

Email the Registrar: usafsamregistrar@us.af.mil