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USAFSAM - Aerospace Medicine Department

-Initial, advanced and graduate education and training for aerospace medicine personnel and other flight crews

-Specialty consultation and research in aerospace medicine, dental investigations and hyperbaric medicine

-Education and training in aeromedical operations, aerospace physiology and readiness skills

-Fitness to Fly Evaluations

Ram Program, Residency, Aerospace Medicine

     2nd Year Rams/Aerospace Medicine Residents

     3rd Year Rams/Preventive Medicine Residents

     3rd Year Rams/Occupational Medicine Residents

Aerospace Medicine Primary Course

     AFMS Kx AMP Course MIlitary Site

     AFMS Kx AMP Course Public Site

     AFMS MED+Learn Site Web AMP Course
     -look under "USAFSAM" and "Aerospace Medicine Primary Course" in  Med+Learn for this In-Residence AMP Course prerequisite.